Friday, April 29, 2011

The most random post ever....

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Next, I am crazy

Only a crazy lady would sign up for a 1/2 marathon (her first nonetheless) in the midst of her last week of graduate school (oh, and with the the final CRCT test on Monday.)

How's my training? Ha, you're hilarious. I sure do have some sweet encouragement though...


Thanks Sweet Allison!!!! (Um, there may have been some M&M's in there that were enjoyed for breakfast.)

And can I just say that I am ecstatic that Julio Jones (my FAVORITE player) is going to play for the Falcons! YAY! Read more here.

FASHION DEAL!!!!!!! Shop J. Crew Sale and get 30% off with the code OURTREAT. Happy Friday! Go buy yourself something. I You deserve it.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


I cannot believe it happened again. First my hometown, and now, my college town. Where I spent some of the best years of my life...Where many of my family members are still in school. Thankfully, they are all okay, but others were not as fortunate. The death toll has passed 200.
Praying so hard for Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, Cullman, as well as the rest of the South that was affected by these awful storms.





(All photos courtesy of The Tuscaloosa News)

But the LORD has become my fortress, and my God the rock in whom I take refuge.
-Psalm 94:22

Designer Crush...

...on Sheridan French. Why?
  • Becasue her collection makes me smile and smile and smile
  • Because Sheridan French is the cutest name ever
  • Because I found her from one of my all time favorite blogs, Elements of Style
  • Because she is a mom, but doesn't dress like one (mad respect)
  • Because she wears a bicycle necklace (like me!)
  • Because she did a Spring Giveaway with one dress from her amazing collection
  • Because even though I did not win (saddest. day. ever.), she took the time to thank me for trying

  • Because I made a list of all her items I want need for summer
  • Because I knew you would love her as much as I do :)
All photos courtesy of Sheridan French's blog The Southern Electric

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Laser Blazer

I have an ever so slightly, obsession with blazers. I just can't seem to get enough of them. They are perfect to wear to work over a dress, yet ever so chic with some jeggings/skinnies at night.

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Photo courtesy of

If you take me to a store, there is a 99% chance I am going to find a blazer I adore. (I also sometimes rip them off of mannequins when I am not supposed to...)
Photo courtesy of Outfit Finder

Photo courtesy of The Frisky

So Happy Hump Day with some chic, affordable, BLAZERS!!!
TopShop brown jacket
$100 -

Aryn K striped blazer
$94 -

Dorothy Perkins camel blazer
25 GBP -

Aryn K velvet blazer
$39 -

River island
35 GBP -

River island
35 GBP -

Linen jacket
30 GBP -

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dark Days

In the teaching world, CRCT week is some dark days.

Days in which you make sure now more than ever, you got enough sleep and ate breakfast.

Days where bite your nails waiting for 8:00 and  the announcement "Testing has Begun."

Days where your hope that 1/2 of all the content taught is retained.

Days where you pray for sunny weather so that you can at least have some recess.

Nights where you stay up wondering and worrying about tomorrow's test.

Oh, did I mention, these are the teachers?! We are supposed to maintain a calm demeanor, so that our students do not become stressed. Easier said than done. The bad part is, things don't get better after May 3rd (last day of testing). Then, we stress about scores coming in, who passes, who didn't, who needs to retake it, etc..

Don't be surprised if I end up with hives, shingles, or adult obesity (from the Easter candy I have been inhaling as a comfort food) at the end of this.

To add a little more on top, I have two papers and a portfolio due for grad school. I wish they graded me in procrastination, because for that, I would earn an A+. I told Husband that I just planned on staying after school to work on grad school and lesson plans, and what am I doing- WRITING THIS BLOG! (Yes, I write my blogs the day/night before.)

And, it is a nasty storm outside...
Weather 001
Don't I have nice windows? And yes, a student gave me a doll (her name is Naomi) with clothes that she made for her. I like to talk to Naomi during stressful times.

I am bound and determined to get something accomplished today. Sorry for nothing fashionable- I am doing fantastic to get out the house fully clothed this week. 

Monday, April 25, 2011

It Feels Like Home..

...because it was!

With recent events that have occurred in our hometown, I couldn't wait to get home. Husband and I woke up nice and early on Saturday to begin the drive from Atlanta to Prattville. I NEVER take pictures, but luckily Husband has some interest in my camera, so he decided to document the trip...


Once we arrived in Prattville, we spent a little while at Big Harvard's (Husband's parentals) house. Then, we headed to my parent's house. (Yep, our parents live very close.) Mom and I were able to attend a visitation for the family that died last weekend in the tornado. As heart breaking as it was, the family is doing well, and have such an unshakable faith in God. I was also able to see many friends and family from the community that I had not seen since high school.

Happier times, Mom and I spent some good quality time shopping where I finally got these and my Easter Dress (later shown)! Mom had also found for me (drum roll please), the ULTIMATE teacher Barbie!!! (remember this?)


(Um, notice the ONE picture I take is blurry? Story of my life)

While Mom and I shopped, Husband worked around the house with my dad. He took some pictures too, because he is awesome and way more creative than I will ever be.





Dad really loves his vines...


Can't tell you why, but I just love this picture...




My parents' old dog, Buster. The don't make them any lazier sweeter.

Once I finished shopping and he finished working (the way things should be, right?) we headed back over to Big Harvard's house for...



Where we were joined by the best kind of friends...

Coosa- The world's only Lorgi (Lab/Corgi...maybe?)



Sunday brought Easter morning! Husband went slightly into "Dad Mode" for Easter picture time.

With my sis-in-law, Savanna


My Happy In-laws

Husband and me :)

Hope you had a wonderful Easter! I will be spending the rest of the week finishing up things because I AM ALMOST COMPLETELY FINISHED WITH GRAD SCHOOL!

Happy Monday!

Friday, April 22, 2011

More Deal(s) of the Day!

Women's Merona® Emeline Braided Flat Sandals at Target41oSWcZpBfL__AA380_

Because everyone needs a little turquoise in their closet. They also come in coral, black, pewter, and white. Since they are only TWELVE dollars, but all five :)

Denim pencil skirt

pencil skirt

Every chic teach needs a pencil skirt. Have a little more fun with a denim one. You can't beat $29.99, and they still have almost all sizes- even petite for you vertically challenged people (myself included).
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