Thursday, July 31, 2014

Woody's Bastille Day Bash

I know that one year Woody will learn to talk and have an opinion on what type of birthday party he will have.

Hooray, it wasn't this year!

He was born on July 14, Bastille Day, so I decided to do a French theme birthday party. Some road blocks I ran into:
  • I was not able to have the party on the actual date, July 14. And thanks to trips and weddings, it didn't happen until July 26. Strike 1.
  • Which was a very hot day. Strike 2.
  • "France" is not a popular party theme for a 2 year old, so there was no "go to Party City and buy the party package" option. Strike 3.
  • I don't really know anything about France nor the French Language. Strike 4.
  • I decided to make the food. Strike 5.
  • So I didn't take any pictures. Strike 6.
  • But my sister did! RBI? 
 So all these pictures are courtesy of her blog. Thanks Emma!!!!!!

 For the beverages, I added name tags to the cups! Thank you to the nice people who followed directions and took one cup and put their name on it!

My very sweet friend, Tippi, made the cupcakes. They were so yum! 

 It said, "Let Them Eat Cake." The (apparent) OCD side of me is bothered that you can't see the A and the E.

  • French Fries
  • Mini French Dips
  • French Toast
  • French Flag Fruit
  • And a whole lot of cheese

 And the OCD tendency wants to flip the L flag forward

 My sweet MIL made appetizers. 

And my sweet friend, Beth, not only made those amazing cookies, but she also came over on Friday to help me when I had accomplished NOTHING on my to-do list.

Woody's Message to His Friends. Obviously it is in French.

 "Oh yeah! Hundreds of people to hold me!"

He obviously hates sweets.


And because my sister appreciates a montage as much as I do!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Woody- Two Years

 Can it really be true? You cannot possibly be two years old. Has it been two years since I heard that first cry? Since I looked into those blue eyes and kissed those yummy cheeks for the first time? Have two years passed since I added the word "momma" to my job title? How has my heart been able to grow as much as it has in two years? How can two years have gone by so quickly?

Two years seems so big. You love to "read" and put together puzzles. Trains, planes, cars, and trucks always capture your attention. You love to watch Mickey Mouse and Paw Patrol. Our dogs can always make you giggle.

At two years old, you have shown what a caring heart you have when you kiss your brother and bring him a toy when he is sad. You agree to most things, like eating and going to sleep. Some things you fight me on, like when I turn off the TV or pick up your toys.

You are fearless to a fault. I often find you jumping off the ottoman or climbing on a table. But you a rarely to busy to give me a tender hug and a "stare-off" kiss.

Other facts about you:

  • Weight and Height: 26lbs and 33.5in tall
  • Diaper Size: 4
  • Clothes Size: 24m
  • Sleep: Nap from 1-3:30ish//Bedtime is at 7:00pm and you wake up around 6:00am. You sleep with your blankie, lovie, and Teddy Bear + whatever toy you sneak in with you.
  • Favorite Foods: Lasagna, chicken nuggets, hamburgers, beans, hotdogs, blue berries, grapes, strawberries, goldfish, and waffles
  • Favorite Drink: milk
  • Words: Ma (Mom), Did (Dad), Gay (Gaines), hey, da (dog), uh-oh, no, ah duh (all done), you ok?, shoo shoo (choo-choo/train), ack (snack), nigh nigh (night night), shoe. You sometimes will say some form of all your grandparents names (Nana, Gran, Mimi, Papa Jim- or, Haha according to you.) Even though you don't say many words (that I understand), you comprehend what others say very well and can follow directions.
  • I still cut your hair. I promise to get you a real haircut soon.
  • You still have eczema, but are so brave about it.
I love you so much Woodfin James. How lucky I am to be your momma!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Gaines- Four Months

Minor House Keeping:
Dear family, friends, and a few nice strangers that read my blog,

I hate it, but I have to be a total 2 year-old and yell, "Mine!" See that Copyright in the About Me? You can't take my words and/or pictures. I am extremely flattered, but you just can't. Not without my permission and you have to give me credit. I just have to be a brat like that.

And if I may, I challenge you to write your own thoughts and opinions. No one can say what you want to say quite like you! Now let's all fist bump to playing fair and following the rules.

On to other news...

Lately, I have this guy attached to me 24/7. He is comfy there, and I am developing some serious biceps (and minor back pain) because he isn't exactly tiny. 

He turned four months two weeks ago, but I delayed this post because I wanted to go to the doctor to see how much he weighed. And I waited to go to the doctor because I wanted Woody to go with us and have his two year appointment. And I had to wait a little longer because there are only a few doctors at our practice brave enough to see both of my boys at the same time (..with good reason. They were absolute disasters.)

Gaines Facts
  • Weight/Height:17lbs 15oz (93rd percentile), 27.25 in (off the chart) and has a big ole head like his momma.
  • Diaper Size: 2...should probably be in a 3, but we are going to finish up a pack of size 2
  • Sleep: Have you heard of the four month regression? It is terrible. He goes to bed at 7, and pretty much stays asleep until 2. Then he wants to hang out the rest of the night, preferably with the combination of constant nursing and cuddles. However, I feel like we are relearning how fantastic it is to sleep in the crib. He takes 3-4 naps a day, usually around 45 minutes each. We aren't swaddling him either anymore, but he still sleeps with a sound machine on white noise.
  • Eat: Every three hours...I tried to go to 3 hours and 10 minutes, and Gaines pretty much thought I was starving him and made a "Will work for milk" sign. And a heads up, male or female, if you hold him, he will try to nurse you.
  • He learned to roll from his back to stomach! That is why we quit the swaddle.
  • Ouch! Two teeth made they debut on bottom.
  • He is very attached to his Puppy Lovie that my mom gave him. It goes everywhere we do.
  • Gaines loves to watch Woody. He smiles when his brother is happy, and you better believe he cries when Woody is upset.
  • Beginning to try to reach for what he wants.
  • This time last year was when we found out that I was pregnant. I have been thinking and reflecting so much on that time. I am incredibly thankful to my Heavenly Father for saying, "I've got this." I thought that there was no way I could handle a toddler and baby. I thought that this wasn't "the plan." But God's plan is always better than my silly plan though, and I cannot imagine my world without Gaines Alton in it. He completes my world and fills a void in my heart that I didn't even know was there.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

DC and A Week in Alabama

Since I was not about to let Brooks go to DC on our sixth anniversary without me, I tagged along for the night. I knew I had to fly back on Sunday, so I went into ultra tourist drive and decided to cram as much as possible into one day.

First of- The Museum of American History

 I realize Custer isn't the most PC, but my brother was always facisnated by him. His favorite book growing up was about Custer, and he gave that book to Gaines.

 Woody's Second Birthday Gift

 Hey, it's my last name. How cool.

Then the WWII Memorial

And the Washington Monument

Off to the Lincoln Memorial

Don't ask. It was just awesome.

Can you believe we actually saw someone else wearing this atrocious shirt? No picture to prove it, but trust me.

We took a taxi to Georgetown and ate at Martin's- where JFK proposed to Jackie.

And if that wasn't enough, we continued our Food Crawl 2014 to Old Glory.

We came back to hotel to shower and get ready for dinner. We went to Legal Sea Food's, and it was delicious. Since it was our anniversary dinner, I didn't exactly want to have my camera plastered to my face like I had all day. Then we went to the W's roof top where I decided I was too old and uncool, so we left and headed back to the hotel.

On Sunday, I was sad about leaving Brooks and even more sad about having zero help with the boys all week long. Since the Harvards were already at our house keeping the boys, I decided that the boys and I would ride back with Pam and Jim could drive Brooks' (stick shift) truck with our three dogs. To excite them even more, I decided we would stay with them Sunday and Monday night because surely a weekend with the boys wasn't enough. I wouldn't want my parents to miss out on any fun, so Peepers (who doesn't sleep through the night), Cheeks (who normally does sleep through the night but was having some nightmare/wetting through cheap diapers problems), and their momma (who has the best attitude ever) would stay the second part of the week. Oh, and Dad could have to joy of driving the (stick shift) truck with the three dogs back on Friday night via the route I said to go that left us in a terrible traffic the rain.

I doubt we get an invite back anytime soon.

Cheeks turned two on Monday. This makes his momma sad. We go to the doctor on Tuesday, so I can update his stats and write a sappy post on how full he makes my heart.

 Mom's house was lacking in the birthday candle department.

Brooks turned the dirty thirty on Wednesday. I probably won't update you on his height and weight status, but it is just perfect in case you are wondering.

Cheeks is pressing every button on my computer, so I better wrap this up before he deletes everything. Happy Weekend!
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