Sunday, July 2, 2017

Disney 2017: Magic Kingdom

For our second day at Disney, we were going to the Magic Kingdom. We got there before the park opened because we are Hollons and believe in getting the most of our tickets in hopes of getting some of the popular attractions knocked out. This picture with all the grandkids and Nana cracks me up.



Our Family

("I didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose me," Woodfin James.)

He perked up when he got a sticker
(Yes, he drools a lot. I don't know why.)
(Thank you, Sister, for our cute shirts!!!)

Since we were just waiting around, I decided to go ahead and feed Mae Stanley at the Baby Center. I made it back right before they let us into the rides, and we headed for Splash Mountain. Gaines had been talking so big about how he wanted to ride Splash Mountain. We watched YouTube videos every night so he could watch the ride. If you asked him about Disney, he talked about how he was going to ride Splash Mountain. I was nervous that he wouldn't be tall enough. Since he was tall enough for Star Tours the day before, my fingers were crossed he would still measure 40 inches. (They measured him twice at Star Tours.) Wouldn't you know they didn't measure him once for Splash Mountain! 

We went down the tinies first hill and he goes, "Whoa that was scary." Uh-oh, he did know what was coming, right? When we went down a moderate hill, he started crying. I kept trying to prepare him for what was to come. It was hard being brave for him...

I was holding on to him for dear life!
Please look at Woody just staring off like NBD
And Brooks with the Dad Cam (#notaselfiestick)

Thank you, Sister, for holding Mae Stanley while we did this ride. After this ride, we headed to do Peter Pan. Woody wanted to ride with Jake, so we rode with Gaines and Mae Stanley. Gaines cried because at the last minute he wanted to ride with Uncle Billy, but it was too late, and Mae Stanley freaked out when it got dark and cried the whole time. It was magical.

Woody really didn't want to leave Jake, so we hung out with Jake, Nana, and Gran a little while. I made the boys take these great pictures.

They were thrilled.

I knew Jake had some FastPasses for some roller coasters, so I had to pry Woody away. We went to ride the Barnstormer, which was their favorite last time we were at Disney. Well....I will let this video show show how Gaines handled it.

But Woody loved it! I have one daredevil and one scaredy cat! 

We had FastPasses to ride the Seven Dwarfs ride, but it was broken (just like the last time!) While we were figuring this out, Sister took Mae Stanley with Hollon to meet with Ariel.

She loved it!....Hehehe

After that, we headed back to the hotel for naps, showers, and dinner. My parents were so sweet and agreed to watch all of our kids (plus Hollon) while we went to back to the Magic Kingdom. We met up with Robbie, Emma, and Jake and rode the Haunted Mansion and the Mountains (Splash, Thunder, and Space.) We had so much fun and stayed out until 1:00am thanks to Magic Hours.

I obviously do an amazing job in keeping a brave face.

It was a wonderful Day 2!
See Sister's Recap of Day 2 Here.

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