Saturday, June 24, 2017

Disney 2017: Travel Day and Hollywood Studios

If you follow Sister's blog you know that the end of May/first of June my parents took the entire family on a special trip to Disney World! 

On Memorial Day, we flew down with Sister's family, while my parents and my brother's family drove down. The week before, Mae Stanley had n ear infection and was still on a antibiotic that upset her tummy. Her first blowout came in the middle of security. Awesome.

We boarded the plane and due to weather, had about an hour delay. Surprisingly, everyone kept their cool for the most part. 

Woody was so excited to sit with Jake

Hollon really did keep cool, but I had to snap a picture during this moment

Blowout #2 happened on the plane! She got to wear a too small sleeper for the last ten minutes of the flight.

We landed in Orlando and took the Magical Express. This was so nice because we didn't have to worry about our check luggage. Unfortunately, I plopped Mae Stanley in the seat next to Gaines will I rearranged and didn't realize Gaines had spilled his water bottle in the seat. Yep, another outfit change. This time she got to wear Hollon's 2T dress.

That night we just walked around Disney Springs and ate a quick dinner. All my kids were tired and we knew we had an early morning, so my family and my parents headed back.

Day 1- Hollywood Studios

Our first full day was at Hollywood Studios. We had made reservations at Hollywood and Vine for breakfast. I was excited because Woody enjoyed this last time we were here. Also, since our reservation was before the park technically opened, we would have first dibs at the Jedi Training Camp. (Jake really wanted todo this last time they were at Disney and didn't get it. I may or may not have cried for him.) After we got in the park, Emma and Brooks took Jake and Woody and were able to be he first to sign up. Then we were able to enjoy breakfast.

Mae Stanley with Sofia

Hehehe, please look at Hollon's expression

All Seven!
(Hollon was mad that Gaines had the misting fan. Sorry, H. Also, aren't Mae Stanley and Hollon's dresses cute?! Emma's MIL made them! So sweet of her.)

Our first Fast Pass was for Toy Story Mania. Everyone except Brooks, Gaines, Mae, Stanley and me rode first, then we traded Mae Stanley out and the three of us rode.

Poor G was already hot. We had to remind him several times not to undress.

Then it was time for Jake and Woody to do the Jedi Training Camp.
(And yes, he wore those sunglasses the entire time. He is pretty sensitive to the sun, and let's face it, he can rock them.)

During the March of the Jedis
(Pretty ticked off that I kept taking pictures)

(Sister has videos here....and way more pictures. Mom or Sister, will you show me how to download pictures from Memory Maker?)

It was one of those things that I thought would be cool for Woody to do, but mostly I was excited for Jake. However, watching him do it was pretty special. May was a hard month for us. Someday I will write about it hopefully. I loved watching him look up to his big cousin and try something new. (I was only slightly sad that he only wanted to hang with Jake and not his momma.)

After, we split up. Brooks took Woody and I took Gaines and Mae Stanley and headed off with Mom, Sister, and Hollon. We did the Little Mermaid show. Gaines and Mae Stanley cried. Then we headed to Disney Jr Live.

Hollon was so cute dancing
(Gaines went and sat towards the back with Mom)

During the show, Mae Stanley got hungry, so we headed to the Baby Center. (The one at Hollywood Studios was my favorite. It was small, but newer. And it had individual nursing rooms.)

After the show, we headed back to the resort. Woody hung out in my mom and dad's room, Mae Stanley took a brief nap, and we took Gaines to the pool and splash pad. Then we cleaned up and headed back to Hollywood Studios around dinner time. Brooks and Woody had been on Star Tours earlier, so we decided to go back on it with Gaines. He was just tall enough! Gaines is totally a chicken, so I figured he would cry (especially since he didn't take a nap that day.) However, he was a rockstar! Woody and Gaines laughed so hard on it. Thanks Mom and Dad for watching Mae Stanley during this! 
Of course Brooks bought them light sabers after, let them take them out of the box, and have a fight in the middle of Hollywood Studios.

We got another Fast Pass for Toy Story, so we rode that again. We wanted to stay for the fireworks, but a storm was rolling in and Mae Stanley was tired and hungry, so we headed back. Thankfully, everyone crashed (after a quick bath!) Such a great day at Disney!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Mae Stanley- Seven Months

She may be turning eight months in three days, but had to squeeze her seven month update in...

In the same outfit as her brothers at seven months <3
(Yes, she looks...and acts...just like Gaines)

Mae Stanley Facts

- Weight: We went to the dr due to an ear infection and she was just under 18lbs.
- Diaper Size: 3
- Clothing Size: 9-12 months
- Sleep: She still isn't an awesome napper. Some days are better than others. Her naps are at 9ish, 1ish, and a late afternoon catnap. She naps anywhere from 30 minutes to sometime 2 hours. If she only sleeps 30-45  minutes, I make her stay in her crib to an hour. Her late catnap is only 20-30 minutes. She is a FANTASTIC night sleeper (knock on wood.) She goes down between 6:00pm-7:00pm. She usually wakes between 5:00am-6:00am for an early breakfast and then goes back to sleep for two to three more hours. I am so thankful she sleeps well at night. If I had to pick, I would always choose night sleep!
- Eat: Loves food, especially feeding herself. The weird reactions have stopped. She likes everything except avocado (how is she my child?!) She goes 4 hours between nursing feedings most of the time. She likes water or breastmilk in a sippy cup too.
- She is sitting up. She randomly will tumble over sometimes, so I put the Boppy behind her and pillows all around her.
- First black eye....She was trying to crawl and face-planted. She can scoot backwards pretty good.
- Has the deepest laugh...cracks me up!
- Center of attention. Mae Stanley needs an audience 24/7.
- Most of her waking hours are spent on my left hip.
- Likes: Momma, Daddy, her brothers, attention, eating, being held, paper, baths, eating things she shouldn't, kicking Gaines
- Dislikes: When Momma is in the room and not holding her, being by herself, dirty diapers, nose being wipes

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