Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Elephants and Bikes

They are my favorite. Oringinally, I wanted to name this blog "Elephants on Bikes," but you don't really think of style/teaching when you think of those things. Everyday, I wear either an elephant or a bicycle somewhere on me. It's my students favorite to try and find where. I would not dare show up to school without one or the other on.

Why are these my favorite? Roll Tide. Go here if you have no idea about what I am talking about. It is a tradition I stole from my Aunt Sue, and now proudly call me own. My bicycles came a little later on. Husband rides bicycles...a lot. He currently has three. (Did I mention that we do not have a garage, so the bikes live inside? Fantastic.) One of my favorite memories from college of him was when he wore his bicycle kit to a "Biker Babe" swap. Wearing a bicycle makes me feel close to him.

My elephant from Monday...


Some more of my favorites...


I love the chain detail.


My friend, Tippi, gave me these for Christmas...


Last summer, we were at an outdoor festival, and it was 93,400 degrees. I went inside a close-by boutique to enjoy some AC. I felt guilty for loitering, so I bought this...

Husband's grandmother gave this one to me...



Complete with Lucy's hair. Story of my life.


I do not have, but feel that I need...

And it's not just me! Some of my favorites have been sporting elephants and bicycles.

Like Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere...


And my newest designer crush, Sheridan French...


Look close, I spy an elephant ring on Taylor from SterlingStyle...



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