Monday, March 28, 2016

Lisa's Baby Shower

The weekend before Easter, I helped host a shower for my dear friend, Lisa. We met during my fourth year of teaching in fifth grade. After the first week of school, I moved to EIP, only to move back to fifth grade in January to be grade level chair. During my last year, when I made the (crazy) decision to go back to full-time, homeroom, Lisa was my sanity. She was so organized and helped me so much when I was trying to juggle everything. She was my shoulder to cry on, an ear to vent to, and someone who could make me smile. I am so happy she is welcoming a baby girl in May! She will be the best mother. Her organization skills will whip that baby into a schedule in no time! ;)

We did a Coffee, Cravings, and Creativity theme shower. The other hostesses (Lisa's sister and college friends) were awesome with the ideas and food. I only contributed my home, flowers, and decor. (I don't cook.)

Lisa and me

With all the hostesses!
(Who were seriously amazing! I am obsessed with them as much as Lisa is!)

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Week(s) in Review

Here is what we have been up to the past two weeks.

My parents got the boys this table and chairs for Christmas. It only took me two month to assemble it. The boys love to eat at it.

This angel guy turned two! After Jane's house sold, we took her two four-poster twin beds. We set Gaines's up in the newvbig boy room, however, he is still in his crib...I am not ready to face that dragon.

Nice weather means we are back at the park daily!

Some light reading while waiting for his two year old check-up. He is 34.75 inches and 30 pounds.

Throwing a tantrum and apparently flicking me off.
He knows not what he does.

Sweet Dreaming. I just adore that little hand under his head.

More park time

Saturday Shenanigans

 This weekend we bought some new chairs for the back deck. I would rave about how comfortable they are, but Cheeks and Peepers have claimed them.

Afternoon cocktails on the veranda

This guy

Woody only lets me take pictures when he is sleeping apparently. He had played so hard at gymnastics he fell asleep in the car before we got home. He loves to sit next to Woody when he is sleeping. He kept pretending to feed him goldfish, then would eat them and laugh.

This is so my boys. Gaines is making the trains drive off the trampoline, while Woody was reviewing his letters and sight words. I love how different they are.

Not a fan of his man pony.
Thanks Aunt Emma for our shirts!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Dear Gaines... Two Years Later

Dear Gaines,

On this day, two years ago, I wrote you a letter. I was filled with excitement and anticipation, yet oddly peaceful about the next day. I knew you were finally going to be here. And though you were a bit of a surprise, as you grew in me, I knew with every day how much our family needed you.

We called you "Sparky." You were so active in my belly. And you have never stopped. Your first year we named you "Peepers," because you never blinked. You didn't want to miss a thing! Since then you have earned many other names including "Wrecking Ball." Life with you is never dull. You go, go, go constantly. It is amazing you momma isn't in better shape! 

You are all boy. You love trucks, trains, Mickey Mouse, and loud noises. Pestering your brother is also a favorite, yet you adore him even more. You hate car seats, riding in buggies, time-out or anything that forces you to sit. 

Even though you are a bit of a wild man, your heart is bigger than that big, blonde head of yours. You are my cuddle bug. As much as I hate your 5:30 wake-up time, I adore your morning snuggles. (And thank you to your daddy who wakes up many mornings with you.) 

Sometimes they say being a mother is a thankless job. It is easy to feel that way when I am wrangling your muddy clothes off of you or picking up the hundredth basket of toys you have thrown out. But your sweet hugs, kisses, a pat on the back with a "my momma," is worth more than money could buy. 

I love you, Gaines Alton. Thank you for another year of wonderful you.

Your Momma          

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