Monday, March 14, 2011

Really Barbie?

Like most girls, I had have an obsession with Barbie. Between my sister and I, it was safe to say that we have all Barbies made from 1983-1999...and maybe a few years after that. We were not the type of girls to leave Barbie in her box either. No, Barbie was a working woman. She underwent numerous hair styles and cuts (she looked great as Bo Derek), was dragged outside, was left outside, had her head snapped off (luckily Dr. Barbie was there to reattach with lots of super glue), and was pretty much the favorite toy.

So, every now and again, I make a little detour in Target down the Barbie aisle. I look to see what is new, which ones my nieces would love, and admire the doll that has stood the test of time.

And then I saw this...

Are you serious?

This is "Teacher Barbie." I am tempted to buy every one of them so that little girls do not buy this and think this is what a teacher looks like.
#1. Get those awful, fake glasses off of Barbie. Did she buy those readers from the Walgreens 1/2 off bin?
#2. If teachers wore a skirt like that, the BOE would be involved.
#3. Double platforms are for nightlife, not teaching.

I found this Teacher Barbie to be much more appealing...

As upset as I was at this Barbie (and the little girl who was giving me a dirty look for stalking the aisle, taking creepy pictures with my phone, and not letting her see the Teacher Barbie), I did find this comic relief...

No need to comment...

1 comment:

  1. What happened to the denim skirt and topical sweater? - Barbie has totally missed here and I am really upset! I want to know what the scores are at schools where teachers dress like that!


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