Monday, December 17, 2012

Woody- Five Months

Who is that little dapper gentleman? That is big boy Woody, who turned five months last Friday! With the terrible tragedy that occurred on Friday, this birthday felt extra special- a powerful reminder that we are not promised tomorrow and are blessed to have each day with this amazing little boy.

We spent his birthday taking him to see Santa Claus. I guess I have a lot to learn about this whole thing. The "real" Santa is at Phipps Plaza and to see him, you have to get on the waiting list in July. I kid you not. Since Woody has no clue about this kind of thing, I decided just to take him to the one at Perimeter Mall- much closer and no wait. I figured we would just get one picture so that we could show Woody "Look, you saw Santa even though it was the rip off Santa" when he is older. Well, wouldn't you know that my child decides to be a total baby model and give the cutest picture ever. We bought the $40 package. Suckers.

Yes, he has a rash on his chest. Polyester is to blame.

Woody Facts
  • Weighs around 18 lbs. Growing boy.
  • Diaper Size: 3
  • Clothing: All 9 mo. I tried to squeeze him into a 6 mo outfit one last time, and he popped a button.
  • Sleep: WAHOO! Doing so much better. He goes to sleep between 7-8 and usually sleeps until 5-6. It is awesome. I quit swaddling him too. He spent about two weeks in a Sleep Sack before we ditched that. I put him down on his back, but he always rolls to his side or stomach. This makes me incredibly nervous, and being the first time momma that I am, I check on him a million times during the night.
  • Eat: We started rice cereal. The first night I gave it to him, he slept eight hours. He doesn't really love it (frowns when I give it to him), but gobbles it down. I think I will start fruits and veggies once Santa brings him his baby food maker. (What?! It is what he asked for! Along with a new shower curtain and matching blanket!) He still nurses ever 3.5-4 hours. I am guessing he is eating around 7-8 oz, based on what he takes from a bottle while I am at work.
  • He is rolling over like a boss. If you put him on his back, he immediately flips to his stomach. 
  • He is beginning to try to sit up. He balances with his hands in front of him.
  • Can reach for toys and pass them back and forth between his hands. His favorite toys are the most annoying loudest ones.
  • He is making the "Da-da-da" sound. He doesn't know what he is saying. (This is what I have to tell myself.)
  • I have been replaced as his favorite thing by Lucy. Seriously. His face lights up when he sees her.
  • Woody likes his exersaucer and activity mat. 
  • Sleeps with a lovie. He loves for them to be over his face. Again, cue paranoid momma who constantly goes in to pull it off his face.
  • We found out that polyester makes his skin break out. 
  • We babysat my friend, Jessica's, little boy, Burke. Woody had a good time playing with his BFF.
  • And my favorite...

...when my sweet boy pulls me in for a kiss.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Vern Gets Green and Merry

Vern, my house, has been getting into the Christmas spirit. Mostly since, it is Woody's first Christmas. His theme has been a "Green Christmas."

Ah, my tree. Four years ago, Brooks and I bought that tree in 2008 for $35 at Wal-Mart. Every year we talk about getting a real tree, but there is something special about this tree and her sad bare spots.

I spray painted all my non-neutral balls white. I don't have many ornaments. I know one day my tree will be filled with pipe cleaner angels and Popsicle stick snowflakes.

Notice what is missing? Yeah, that would be a tree skirt. I had a fantastic green one last year (matched my theme!), but a bitter dog felt that she did not have enough gifts under the tree and graced my skirt with a golden shower...

I also need to get on my present buying. The really sad part- guess how many of those are for Woody? Zero. Bad Mom.

I wrapped my gifts this year in brown paper and wrote names in Sharpie. It sounds sadder than it looks. (Right???) I also cut all of the branches off of our tiny (and now bare) cypress tree to decorate the gifts and mantle. Sorry Hubs.

I have been hanging Christmas cards on the garland. Look at these fine folks who have already sent theirs! I on the other-hand, waited way too long to order mine. I just got them in and have hopes to have them addressed and mailed by this weekend. Sorry peeps.

The middle stocking was Brooks' from when we first got married. I used to have a red one with an "L" on it. I bought some green ones to match my green theme. I am not trilled with them, but it works for now.

I used rosemary and cypress since we have a fake tree. Smells yummy. 

My table setting. I have been meaning to buy some peppermint to put in that bowl. I just reminded myself.

My friend, Natalie, gave me these Kate Spade coasters two years ago. They are cardboard, so I won't let anyone use them. 

Well, that is Vern in all his Christmas spirit. Merry Christmas to you!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

First Food and Such

Woody had his first food. He wasn't sleeping well at all, so I figured he might be hungry. I was right.

I have 30 more pictures of pretty much this shot. Please ignore my extremely dirty hair, determined monkey face, and the fact that I am wearing a fraternity t-shirt at 26. (Although, it was from Christmas Cocktail.)

Getting ready for church! PAR-TAY!
9 month outfit- shirt way too small, shorts that go past his knees. Sigh.

Getting ready for bed in Mom and Dad's room. Kiss Kiss.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Oh, Hey You.

Things going on in my life:

  • turning my home into the Griswold's. I use to think that kind of thing was tacky. Now, I am considering getting one of those inflatables to put in my (shared with four other units) front yard. I love those nutty penguins.
  • redoing Woody's bathroom with a zero dollar budget. Don't panic Mom, just paint.. We are not ripping out tile again, just cleaning it. 
  • reading up on why my son wakes up four-six times during the night. Anyone heard of a four month regression? Hilarious. It is killing me.
  • mixing Red Bull and Diet Coke to stay awake. I see sounds. (Kidding...maybe.)
  • not buying my son any Christmas gifts. I need help in this area. Ideas? Or should we just leave him on the naughty list?
  • trying to fit into something for Husband's company party this Friday. Time to loose those last five (er, or seven, I round down) LBs.
So, in no particular order, these things are making me happy.

From Mecox- old picture, but I love this shade of blue

Why are people ripping out classic, old bathrooms like this? This has been my inspiration for my zero dollar bathroom renovation.

The only thing I have even thought of getting for Woody. Adorable, right?

The most perfect winter black tie dress

so much color, so much pattern, so much right

My mantle. With one stocking. For Brooks. I am working on that.


Can we please talk about those legs!? Get your spoon people, he is delicious.
(Even though he refuses to sleep.)

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