Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Memorial Day 2016

What a great weekend! We were at home, and Brooks basically turned the backyard to Disney World for the boys. He worked so hard, and maybe it is the pregnancy, but I am tired just thinking of everything he did!

Mimi and Papa bought the boys a playset, and it was delivered on Friday. It took the poor guy from 7:30 am to 9:00 pm to set it up! (Just thankful Brooks didn't have to set it up!) The boys realized what was going on about 5:00 pm and cried to get on it. So first thing Saturday morning, they were out there!

(My hydrangeas are back! And looking very patriotic I might add.)

This dirt you see was eventually covered by 2,000 lbs of rubber mulch that Brooks wheeled in. He also moved railroad ties around the set and hammered rebars into them. I can't believe I don't have a picture of the finished project.

Sister gave Woody Jake's old bicycle, and we Brooks worked with him on how to pedal correctly. He has a ways to go, but he gets an A for effort.

Brooks brought his skateboard out, and Woody ran and jumped on it. I couldn't believe it didn't shoot out from under him! What he lacks in pedal skills, he makes up for in balance.

What little brothers are for...

...until Peepers decided it was too hot for that nonsense and convinced Woody to switch roles.

We also purchased our new Alabama-style swimming pool. It is a stock tank...like you use for livestock. I have ordered a pool pump, and hope to (have Brooks) to install it this week. 

Exhausted. What a great weekend!
(Don't mind the half inflated pool in the background. It only lasted two weeks when you have a golden retriever who like to go in for a dip.)

Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday Favorites

What planet am I on that I am excited about a vacuum?! The girl that started this blog would laugh at the amount of money I spent on a vacuum, but in my defense, it was my Valentine's Day gift (romantic, I know.) This thing keeps my house spotless....not really, but it is so convenient to grab when the boys make a mess. I love not having to plug it in, and I can do a quick run through the house several times a day. She ain't cheap, but totally worth it!

Woody has terrible eczema. It has been really bad lately due to allergies and having our yard sprayed for mosquitoes. He uses a steroid on the bad spots, but this stuff keeps his skin moisturized. It isn't thick, so it goes on easy. I love it so much, that I just bought the body wash for him.

I love a fake tan. I have tried everything under the book, but this stuff is amazing. It isn't orange at all, and I like how you can control how light or dark you want it. It is really affordable too. I still love to get my spray tans, but am trying to not get them quite as often since the spray kinda freaks me out while pregnant (I fear I am going to pass out from holding my breath. What if they found a 20 week pregnant lady, in old (too small) bikini bottoms with half a spray tan unconscious on the floor? I don't want that in the AJC people.)

We have been long time lovers of this brand. The boys (especially Woody) are a little more aware of what they wear and what they classify as baby. Woody loves these shirts, and I love that I can still get away with cute shorts under them since they are solid colors. Brooks approves as well. (And Woody, if you read this and think you are getting out of smocked clothes, you are wrong.)

I only have four for today. 
My fifth would honestly be the entire Bravo line-up, but I am embarrassed to fully admit how much I watch.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Start of Summer

We are day three into summer. So far, so so good. Last week I was a bit in a panic. We have a quite busy weekly routine. A good busy. A busy that tuckers us all out and results in long naps. A busy where teachers and activities are poured into my boys. 

Summer means the busy slows down. In fear that that we would all totally be over each other, I started signing up Woody for different activities (and Gaines will be joining him on those with a low age requirement!)

But this week is a whole lot of nothing. With the exception of a brief morning meeting yesterday, Woody's last speech session, and a VBS volunteer workday tomorrow, nothing is on our schedule. And that my friends, is a good thing.

I am learning from wise, veteran moms, that time doesn't slow down. I am already saw a small glimpse of this with Woody going from two to three day a week preschool with speech. There was less time for playdates and sleepy morning cuddles. Next year will be even harder. Woody will be in school five days and Gaines two days.

And where do you go from there? Elementary school. With long days and new friends. These are not bad things. I love watching my boys grow and become more independent. But I never want to take for granted the sweet stage we are in now. It is a gift.

(*Disclaimer: Not to say I am not super excited about swim lessons and Spanish camp this summer! Momma still needs some alone time! I also know that we are on day three of summer. Check back with my happy attitude in August when I am in my third trimester.)

Monday, May 23, 2016

Last Day of Preschool

Last Friday was our final day of preschool for K3. It is a bit bitter sweet. I love summer and having a more relaxed schedule. However, we have loved our past two years at Peachtree, and are sad to see this phase come to an end. Next year, Woody and Gaines will be at a closer preschool. As much as I will miss Peachtree, I won't miss Buckhead traffic!

Back to Woody's final day... I tried getting some pictures in our yard, but the boys were busy waving and talking to our neighbors walking by, so we took some at school.

Deep thoughts about spending the entire summer with each other and Momma

Gaines's outfit was only slightly stained from blueberries at breakfast

His room moms are amazing. I should probably sign up one year to be one. (Spoiler: It won't be next year.)

Gaines was going wacko trying to get to the snacks. Luckily,  I knew Woody wouldn't want to eat any of it.

But Peepers did!

Woody's Face...

Maybe he did want his snack. 

Happy with his little umbrella. He thought it was hilarious.

Comparison Picture!
One thing Woody didn't master this year was looking at the camera. Good thing he is so smart with everything else. And apologies Woody that your little brother made his way into both pictures.

Cheers to Summer!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

A Glimpse at Our Week

I was noticing that so many of my pictures of the boys are at home. I rarely take pictures of our busy, day-to-day activities. So for those of you that are thinking of signing on to the role of parenthood, here is a glimpse of our week. A lot of words, few pictures.

Monday: I was helping bring breakfast to our church's weekday nursery workers for Teacher Appreciation. These are the ladies who work in God's Little Garden....and watch Gaines. Bringing beverages was the least I could do for them. In the car, Woody starts wheezing. I dropped the drinks off, but decided to head home to get Woody his inhaler. Both boys are devastated they aren't going to school, and cry the whole way home.

Best quote: "I want to go to school! I need to learn!"- Woody

I deal all day with the hospital over a bill from when Gaines was born. Seriously. I need to get child #2 paid off before the birth of child #3.

Tuesday: I go to church to meet with the other girl who is doing crafts at VBS and our staff liaison. Both boys have to go to God's Little Garden. Neither are thrilled. What happened to yesterday's tears over this!? I casually mention that I think there are companies who plan the crafts for you. (In all seriousness, our craft is going to be amazing. We have almost all our supplies in, and I can't wait to see how this turns out.) Go to pick the boys up as a kid in their class is throwing up. Awesome. Hand sanitizer is applied.

I also buy my sixth stroller. (But have sold one, and am going to sell one more.)

Gaines modeled my scarf

We (and by we, I mean I) blow up the new, tacky swimming pool. The boys enjoy the freezing water...so does Winnie. Lucy and I do not.

Wednesday: Woody is better-ish. I feel good about taking him to school to learn. I meet my friend Susannah to walk with her and her daughter, Anna Pyeatt, on the Beltline. Gaines consumes four different snacks while we are out and dumps an entire bottle of water on himself. I have no other clothes, so we wrap up the walk and head home.

Mr. Mister calls, and they can't spray our yard because the dogs are out. I drive a little faster. Mosquitoes must die.

When I pick Woody up, I find out they had a dance party for a little girl in his class. It was her "special day" (all the kids have summer birthdays.) Woody hates dancing and told his teacher, "I don't dance."

Insurance contacts me and says I own nothing from Gaines's birth. I do a happy dance...unlike my son.

I turn the formal "Ladies Lounge" into a playroom. This is a little sad for me.

Catherine and I meet Baby Emma. She is beautiful like her momma. And has lots of visitors.

Thursday: Back to church! (People think I am kidding when I say I am there everyday.) I have a MOPs leadership transition meeting. The boys are once again in the same God's Little Garden room. When I pick them up, Gaines has just clocked another kid. I start yelling at him (like a good mother.) He cries. His teachers also inform me that he has been hitting the other children with books all day (see why I volunteer for their Teacher Appreciation??) I yell more. He cries more (so does my former-librarian mother.) Woody cries because he thinks he is in trouble. I carry two 30 lb crying kids, two lunchboxes, a backpack, and my purse to the car.

We are late for Speech. When Speech is over, Woody cries because he only love Miss F (his speech teacher.) He tells her that I am no fun. This makes Gaines cry too. I carry two 30 lb, crying kids to the car. Woody continues to beg me to turn around the car to go back to "peech."

Day two (in a row) of Chick-fil-a for lunch. No one is keeping the toys in the playroom.

Woody yells at me while typing this blog that I am covering his letters (on the keyboard.) That is my cue to sign off :)

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