Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Second Half of Summer According to My iPhone

I don't know what to say above the picture above except that he is two and pouts. A lot. But is still so cute!

Woody at his friend, Bradley's, birthday party. He had such a good time and even wore the party hat. Who is this child?!

 All my babies! One of our goals this summer was to expose the boys to "big church." The contemporary service is very relaxed as far as children go, so we decided to attend this service and bring the boys. They did as well as expected, and we decided to leave after the music.

The week after Woody's birthday, the boys were supposed to go to Spanish Camp. I was very nervous about this after the longer than expected recovery from his tonsillectomy. It was going to be held at a church we had never been to, the boys didn't know any other kids there, and on the first day, I realized it was full immersion! However, my kids never cease to amaze me! Woody went all five days and walked right in with no tears. Everyday he told me that he had a good time. Gaines went on Tuesday and Thursday and didn't bite anyone or have a meltdown! So proud of my big boys for trying something new.

Gaines enjoying the first day while Woody was at camp and having Momma all to himself.

Day 2

I don't know if a picture could capture their personalities better

 Peepers was pooped!

Matchy Thursday!
And in need of haircuts.
And, again, their faces.

I know I had to look crazy snapping pictures of them walking in, but it was so sweet that they only wanted to hold each others' hand.

Woody fell asleep on the way home

Gaines made this on Thursday. Notice how two fruit loops are missing? Those were his snack on the way home. His teachers told me that he kept eating all the other kids' fruit loops, whether they were glued down or not. They had to hide the box from him!

Funny story- As much fun as they boys were having, I was unsure how much Spanish they were actually learning. However, on the last day, when I went to pick up Woody, Gaines saw his crafts, including a gold medal, and yelled, "La Medella!"

Did I mention how tired the boys were after camp?

Like, really tired

Gaines has been the sweetest thing with his "Baby Mickey." He is (usually) so gentle with it. I can't wait to see him with the real thing (in six weeks! Ah!)

Woody had his follow-up appointment from his tonsillectomy. His doctor's office is at Northside Hospital, which is super close to our house (convenient for that six week deadline I was speaking of!) However, when we got there, they informed me his appointment was at the Alpharetta location. Despite a 9:00 appointment time and Atlanta morning rush hour, we were only twenty minutes late!

These two were most disappointed when we had to leave the waiting room.

Since we were already so far north, we decided to drive a little further north and visit Brooks at his office and have lunch together.

I'm sure they are hired!

Usually after church, we just go to Zoe's, but one Sunday, Brooks was craving Mexican food so we went to El Azteca since it is just up Roswell Road. To our delight, they were having Sunday buffet! It was so good, and the boys got to eat free since they were under 5. Everyone was full and happy!

We went to visit Maridelle and Aunt Melanie. Gaines was showing off his dog walking skills on a patient Baker.

The first weekend in August, my family came to Atlanta because the older grand kids wanted to go back to Stone Mountain. (Sister blogged about it here.) Brooks, the boys, and I met them Saturday morning.

Our normal lazy days. Gaines was giving Mickey a bottle and although it looks like Woody is throwing up a gang sign, he is just showing off the letters K and S.

Even though they each have their own bed, they often fall asleep in the same one.
I am just a little obsessed with stalking them in their sleep.

This summer, the Good Lord has been working in my heart with being content. I did a great bible study at the beginning of the summer called Breathe by Priscilla Shirer. It made me really think about my priorities and all the blessings I have been given.

When we took the house off the market and then found out I was pregnant, we planned on finishing out our basement. It just seemed impossible to live in a three bedroom <2,000 square ft house. As I type that, I realize how silly I sound when so many others pray and plead for what we have! In reality, we hadn't saved for a big basement renovation, so we decided to put that on hold and turn my "Ladies Lounge" into a playroom.

This was great...until the toys started to spill over from this room to the kitchen and the dining room. Again, I kept thinking, "Ugh, we just need more space," but really, we just needed less stuff! They boys actually helped me clean out the playroom and give a lot of their toys to "widdle boys wid no toys." I know this concept his hard for a 4 and 2 year old to process, but I was so proud of them. And here is our new and improved playroom!

We love the garbage men! They are always so sweet and give fun honks to the boys!

I love letting the boys pick out their clothes and seeing what they come up with!
(Usually Gaines requests "No Clo" and Woody responds with, "I just wear my underwear.")

Best part of the day? When Daddy gets home!

 I found these pajamas on major sale and gave them to Sister to monogram. I was trying to get a picture and this is what I got.
But then they were so sweet!

I am attempting this week to try to potty train Gaines. Today was Day 1. I threw in the towel at lunch. At least Gaines is happy to get to wear "No Clo"

This afternoon, tragedy happened. Woody dropped the iPad. He gets to play in during Gaines's nap, and he was in the process of putting it up. He is so sensitive and burst into tears saying, "Mommy and Daddy are going to be mad at me!" I tried to explain the I am Mommy, and I am not mad. Brooks Facetimed him (as I carefully held onto my iPhone) and told him that he wasn't mad, and we would work together to do chores to fix it. It broke my heart to see him so upset.

The devastated face,

The devastated iPad

And since we started this long post with Gaines pouting...

...I wouldn't let him have Lucky Charms for dinner. 
Mom is a jerk.

(Be back soon with beach pictures!)

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Horsetrough Falls

Not many words today. We drove up to Horsetrough Falls two weekends ago for some fresh air. It was really nice and here are a lot of pictures of pretty scenery and my sweet boys.

Thursday, August 4, 2016


I felt like this little spark plug needed a post of his own. I love him dearly. When most people find out that we are not finding out the gender of Squeak, they usually say, "What if it is another boy?!" followed by, "And what if it is another Gaines?!" I think nothing would be quite as fantastic (but I know Squeak will have a personality all his/her own!) 

Even though Gaines keeps me on my toes and rarely lets me sit down, he is the most lovable little boy. He hates for his brother to be upset and is so tender-hearted. If Woody is crying, he will go rub his back and (somewhat forcefully) kiss him. I adore how compassionate he is. 

That being said, he bit me! Or bit Squeak? It is hard to explain exactly how it happened, but he ran to me and somehow bit my stomach. I didn't think he clamped down, but he left a huge bruise. I can't wait to explain this to my OBGYN tomorrow.

My little sour patch kid. He wanted to help wash dishes...then climbed in the sink when I wasn't looking.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Woody's 4 Year Old Stats and Questions

I realize it is August, and I am just getting around to this. I was waiting for Woody's four year old check-up last week. Unfortunately, thanks to my active guys, a pregnant momma, and a cranky nurse, I didn't get all my information and was just ready to get out of there!

Woody Facts

Height and Weight: He lost a lot of weight after the tonsillectomy, but is back up to 34 lbs! They told me his height, but I forgot... He grew though :)
Clothing Size: He is a 4T in tops and a 3T in shorts (and can honestly still fit in some 2T shorts)
Shoe Size: 10
Sleep: He goes down between 7:30 and 8:00 and goes to sleep very quickly. He usually wakes around 6:30. I have been so proud of how he has transitioned to Gaines moving in with him. Gaines likes to get in Woody's bed, and he is very patient about it. He no longer naps. It is not too big of an issue, since he is very quiet while Gaines naps. However, if he does happen to fall asleep, it rarely messes up bedtime, and he is much more pleasant when Brooks comes home.
Eat: Breakfast is usually some sort or waffle or pancake with a yogurt and a cup of almond milk. (I'm lucky that neither of the boys crave milk.) We still try to do a green smoothie in the morning to get some veggies in him. He does well with most meats and loves PB&J. The only fruit he will eat now is grapes. He likes beans, but that is where the veggies stop. That is why those green smoothies are so important! He does great about drinking water throughout the day...but likes a splash of apple juice on top!

(His answers are in opinion in blue!)

1. What is your name? Woody
2. How old are you? Four Somewhat funny, somewhat strange, he told the pediatrician he was probably about 60
3. What is your favorite color? Blue
4. What is your favorite animal? Dog
5. What is your favorite book? Paw Patrol Book. The Big Book of Paw Patrol is equivalent to a lovie or blanket. He insists on taking it with him everywhere (but we leave it in the car.) Wherever he is playing in the house, it is next to him. Yes, he sleeps and eats with it. The original one finally fell to pieces. I promised him the next morning we would go buy a new one. It was bedtime, and he was so upset, so I drove to Barnes and Noble at 8:00pm to buy a new one. The look on his face was totally worth it too :)
6. What do you like to watch on T.V.? Super Why, The Letter Show (Wheel of Fortune), I like all of them!
7. What is your favorite thing to eat? Pizza
8. What is your favorite thing to drink? Juice in my cup
9. What do you like for a snack? Grapes But only purple grapes. Green grapes are apparently disgusting.
10. What game do you like to play? I just like to play with my toys. He really likes to play Phonics Fair on the iPad and when Brooks gets home, they often play Hide and Seek. (Momma is fantastic at hiding.)
11. What is your favorite toy? Edgar Edward....It is a train from Thomas and Friends. That is what he chose as his birthday present. It is a close second to the Paw Patrol Book. He is still really into trains.
12. Who is your best friend? Gainsie (Melt my little black heart)
13. Where is your favorite place to go? Church Did you hear that, God?! Honestly, I am not sure if it truly is his favorite place, or just where we are a lot of the time! 
14. What do you want to be when you grow up? A kid. I spent a good time trying to explain that he was a kid, but what did he want to do when he became a grown-up. He kept responding that he was a kid. Finally to get me off his back he replied- A fireman. Which is really just what Gaines wants to be. 

Funny Woody Story

Sunday at church they were studing Abraham and his many sons. Woody was supposed to make a family tree. On his tree were: Woody, Lindsey (not momma), Father Abraham, and Stuart. Brooks and Gaines were quite offended. We don't know who Stuart is, but Brooks keeps questioning Woody if Stuart is a man who visits Momma. 
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