Monday, February 28, 2011

A Quarter Century Fabulous

This past week, I have had the pleasure of celebrating the birthdays of two of my favorite people.

Laura and Susannah
We began on Tuesday with a late night showing of Justin Bieber: Never Say Never- 3D. It was life changing. We were lucky enough to be the only ones in the theater. Apparently, his movie is a lot more popular during the matinee, as opposed to the 9:50 show... creepy much?

Photo from Allison Bray
Front Row- Susannah and Tippi
Back Row- Me, Allison, Bethany, Laura, and Lara

*Note: Please excuse the way I look. Long day at work

We continued the party on Wednesday night at our favorite weekly trivia at Fado. No pictures from there though. They are pretty strict about using your phone/camera there.

On Friday, we started the night at Antico Pizza. It was an incredible, authentic Italian experience. (And this is coming from the girl who doesn't even like Italian food!)






We sang "Happy Birthday" and they shot out confetti. Of course I wasn't camera ready, so here is a picture of the after.


Susannah and Tippi

I was really good at snapping pictures of people with food in their mouths.
Alex and Chris




We continued the party to see one of our favorite bands, Yacht Rock at East Andrews. Again, no pictures due to the fact that the place was packed out and a bit aggressive :)

Saturday, we woke up to a cryptic e-mail from Mrs. Kimmey- AKA: The Original, informing us that we were about to be "exercising our inner kid"

I was not expecting this...

merry go round

Sorry for the grainy quality. All iPhone pics



I don't know if I have ever laughed so hard. I also don't know if I have ever been so scared. Not so much by the height or speed, but more by the sounds these rides made that made me feel as if I were in the last installment of Final Destination.

As much fun as we were having, we had to go here next.

Photo from Sun Dial website

The Sun Dial is on the 72nd floor of the Westin Hotel in Downtown Atlanta. It is a pretty amazing place. The best part being it rotates 360 degrees and allows you to have amazing views of Atlanta.

We weren't finished yet! Next, we traveled to...


Photos from No Mas's website

I was quite a great place for a fiesta! (Yes, the camera and phone were long gone by this point)

A special thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Kimmey for helping to create such a special birthday weekend. It was a wonderful weekend celebrating two wonderful people. Susannah and Laura, I am so happy and blessed to have you as friends. Happy Birthday!

Front Row: Tippi and Susannah
Back Row: Me, Allison, Bethany, Laura, and Dibya

Friday, February 25, 2011

Spring Trend #5- Bold and Bright

As I wrap up my week of my favorite trends for Spring, I leave you with my favorite...

In Yellow....

Photo from In Their Closet
And Blue...

Maybe it is because I am a product of the 80's, but my fifth favorite trend is...

Many people feel that they cannot pull of this trend, but you CAN! The important thing is finding the bold and bright colors that look great on you! For example, as much as I love yellow, it made me look like I had jaundice when I was blond- and not in the cute, "Aww Baby with a suntan" kind of way. (That is why I changed my hair color!)

How to make this appropriate and fun for work?

Bright blue dress
60 GBP -

TopShop long sleeve knit top
$70 -

Splendid leather top
$60 -

TopShop belt skirt
$70 -

Pink skirt
$58 -

Beyond Skin ballet flat shoes
39 GBP -

Kate Spade heart bag
$95 -

Forever21 metal jewelry
$4.80 -

$14 -

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spring Trend #4- Denim

J. Crew loves denim...
Photo from The Sartorialist

Eva loves denim...
Photo by Bauer Griffin
Rachel loves denim...

Photo from Denimology

Valentino loves denim...

Elie Tahari loves denim...


And even after this atrocity...

Photo from Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage/Getty Images

I love denim!!!

Most teacher feel that denim is reserved for Fridays with your school "spirit" tee and sneakers- gross. Mix in my fourth favorite trend- denim- into your spring wardrobe. My favorite- mixing my denim pieces (but not to the extent of Britney and Justin.)


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spring Trend #3- Ballet Chic


I saw Black Swan at the end of last year with some friends. I. was. terrified. I was so horrified that I decided to see it again, with husband. I still don't really know if I liked the movie, but it was one of those movies that you cannot get out of your mind. It makes you think, which I guess is a good movie.

What I did like: the costumes:

Sorry about the grainy quality of these pictures, but I LOOOOVVVE this dress.


So my third favorite trend for the spring is ballet-insprired ensembles. It even inspired my to break out my tie shrug from my ballet days and wear on V-Day. (FYI- I took ballet when I was 12, so it became a "cropped 3/4 length sweater".)

Ballet Chic: Think feathers, bows, and lace. I love, I love, I love.

I want to hang this in my one day I will have one, even though husband won't let me turn my extra bedroom into a massive closet. From Spanish Moss

How to wear it to work: (and again, all items are $100 or less!)

Ballet Chic

Ballet Chic by lhharvard featuring vintage skirts
Ballet Matinee Dress
$48 -
Lace overlay dress »

Tapio Wrap Cardigan
$50 -
Wrap around tops »

Tapio Wrap Cardigan
$50 -
Wrap around tops »

Boho Mix Feather Earrings
$3.80 -
Forever21 earrings »

32 GBP -
Happy Wednesday!
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