Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Prayer for Pine Level

Today, I am not writing about fashion or teachering, but asking for prayer for the small community I call "home." Last Friday, storms hit the southeast, and around midnight, a terrible tornado ripped through Pine Level, Alabama. Less than a mile from my parents' house, the tornado killed three members of a family. I have known this family my whole life, and my heart breaks for them.

Sister was actually at my parents' house with Jake when it occured. Her account  and pictures can be read and seen here.

I am still shocked by this disaster. As awful as it is, my heart warms with how supportive and helpful everyone is being. One of the victim's brother (who actually lived across the street) gave an interview about the tragedy. His unwiltering faith in God, even in a tragedy such as this, leaves me in awe. Read more here.

When I read Sister's blog yesterday, it couldn't help but smile. Somtimes we used to joke about how we couldn't wait to leave this small community. However, in reading articles about how everyone is coming together, I cannot wait to be back there this weekend...

Please remember Pine Level and the Hollon family in your prayers.

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