Friday, April 8, 2011

Wide Leg Lover

, I am ready to retire my skinnies. I am refering to my jeans. Where the definately have their place is (almost) any closet, I was so sick of wearing them everytime I went out. Then, I found these...
At Anthropolgie on sale! (I would include the link to buy, but they are sold out now.) Now, I am complete addicted. Who else loved the wide leg trouser??

Love her style, not so much personality Olivia Palermo...
Photo from In Their Closet

My favorite (somewhat) reality star turned designer, Lauren Conrad...
Image from Single-Women TV

I have never seen her act, but love her nonetheless, Black Lively...

The one, the orginal, Rachel Zoe...
Photo from

To wear you wide leg trousers, you definately need some big, chunky platforms. (Being barely 5'4", I get really excited when any outfit calls for tall shoes.) Just make sure the pants don't cover your entire shoe.

Poplin pants
$9.99 -

Flare pants
15 GBP -

Flare pants
20 GBP -

30 GBP -

Gold wedge
$38 -

White heeled sandal
$27 -

Cheetah print shoes
$30 -

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