Monday, April 30, 2012

Deal of the Day- Home Edition

I have an odd obsession with throws. Even in 100 degree Atlanta summer heat, I always have a throw over my legs while I am in a swimsuit bottom with the fan on full blast. With the pups who love to shed their hair all over the downstairs, I don't typically spend a lot on them. I am always on a hunt for a stylish, but affordable throw.

Sears of all places has this fantastic herringbone zigzag throw. Obsessed with the geometric print, as well as the color. At $29.99, you can purchase his sister as well.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Like, Love, Gotta Have

Like It:

Love It (x2): (1)Jammer is 28 weeks, and I get to see sweet baby today at our ultrasound! Loves it


Obsessed with the wallpaper in this bathroom. If Jammer is a girl, I hope she dies over it too, because it will be in her bedroom by age 4.


Need this dress like no body's business.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I have always loved Boden- they have the cutest clothes, including maternity and children, but lately, I have fallen in love with their tunics.

There is nothing I love more than a great tunic or kaftan. Not only are they the perfect pregnancy staple, but they are great when your tummy, thighs, or butt isn't in the best shape. (Welcome to my life.) Throw them on with white pants, tights, shorts, or use them as a cover-up. I am obsessed and need everything below in my closet.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I was supposed to go to Birmingham this weekend for a visit with Sister and her family, but since I still had that nasty bronchitis cough, I felt it best that I stay home for some R&R. (Feeling much better though.)

I have also discovered that Jammer must be the most type-A, motivated fetus ever, and shim's personality must be wearing off on me. I have been kicking tasks :)

Before: Old window that was being used as a tray. (I remembered to take a before picture 1/4 the way into painting)

After: Painted the wood a light grey/white color and hot glued my favorite fabric to the frame.

Took a trip to My Favorite Place (both name of the flea market and describes my feelings perfectly) to try and look for dodads for Jammer's room. I decided to leave without these little treasures. Creepy much?

Read my Southern Living and saw Erika (I speak as if I know her personally) and her amazing paint-by-numbers dog prints.

I also got around to getting some curtains for the kitchen. They are not hung yet, but hopefully some pictures soon. Also, on Friday we had our school carnival. This was 5th Grade's Event....

(There were some tasks I could have improved on.)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Warby Parker

Have you heard of Warby Parker?

Sometimes, I feel like I have been living under a rock and am the last one to know about something really cool. What I am getting at is maybe you are like, "Yes, duh, Lindsey, I know and have bought a pair of Warby Parker glasses/sunglasses like forever ago!" However, it is new to me.

Basically, Warby Parker is like TOMS for your eyes. Every time you buy a pair of sunglasses or optical pair of prescription glasses, WP delivers a pair of prescription glasses to someone in need. Another perk? Almost all of the glasses and sunglasses (with polarized lenses) are $95! And they are really, really cute!

Click here to watch the video- it's good :)

Check out all of these super cute options...

And, they have Men's too!

(Kinda obsessed with these for Husband)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

All Before 7:00 am

  • Remembered I had a field trip today and had a extreme panic attack that I forgot to request bagged lunches
  • Found that today's breakfast was going to consist of a vending machine cookies and lunch would be a box of grapes
  • Literally fell in a mud puddle walking out the door- thought that only happened in movies
  • Thus had to have a wardrobe change with a very limited amount of clothes that fit
  • Good news- I have the BEST cafeteria manager who had already made bagged lunches (glad someone is prepared)
  • Still have bronchitis- I sound like I have been smoking since I was two
Yes, all this happened before 7:00 am. These are the things the don't tell you about being a teacher. Prayers requested as we take 110 students to the High Museum of Art...


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Oh Miley

I'm not going to lie, I may still blast "Party in the USA" on road trips, but Miley...come on...

What happened!?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sneak Peak

Short post today.

I am still sick. We are still CRCT testing. I am still pregnant. All these things mean I am at school until 11:15- while I sneeze and cough all over my students with no medicine in me except Tylenol.

Good News? Hubs surprised me with the ottoman I have been coveting. He said it was his gift to Jammer. I'm slightly obsessed. (Both with my awesome husband and the ottoman.)

(I should probably take the price tag off.)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Keeping It Real

Sunday afternoon, Husband walked into the living room to find me bawling. Hysterically. Like that can't catch you breath crying. I was reading this. (Husband was so relieved that the tears were not his doing. You never know in these hormone-crazy days.)

Realizing that I have thirteen short weeks until I become a mom excite me and terrify me in the same second. Feelings of inadequacy consume me. I mean, what kind of mother am I going to be if I can't remember to take a camera to my first baby shower!?

I hope you read the post and it motivates you. Happy Monday :)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Snips and Snails and other Ramblings

Over Spring Break, I went to see my sweet friend Jessica and her new baby, Burke. I was accompanied by my other sweet friend Alli and her little boy, Jackson. I couldn't help but wonder if my little Jammer would be another buddy in their crew...or the girl they fight over :)



In other news, I cannot explain how happy I am that it is Friday. I am fighting a nasty cold that has Jammer and I none too pleased. Being in a class with students who are fighting the same colds (and an apparent stye outbreak?) doesn't help.

Also, my school baby shower is tomorrow. This will be my first shower, and I cannot wait!! Happy Friday :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Nursery: Paint

To kick off Spring Break, I gave myself the goal to paint the nursery. I bought the paint a long time ago and had honestly thought that I would have changed my mind by the time it actually came to paint.

This is what the room started out as:

Light Blue Paint. White Trim. What the majority of our house is.

The color I chose was Behr's Canvas Tan. Like I said, I picked the color a long time ago, before I knew what the bedding was going to be. My requirements being that it had to be neutral and something that didn't annoy me. (I am such a decorator.)

So we painted... and got this...

(This picture shows the wall, trim, ceiling from bottom to top)

Hello, sterile insane asylum.

It was too much...too light, too boring, too "I am asking for someone to have an explosive diaper on me" looking. I really did like the color of the walls, but I had to make a change.

On a whim, I grabbed a can of paint that I used to paint the master bathroom cabinets last year. I don't know the color's name, because I got it from the Oops Paint Section. I was going to paint all the trim to warm the room up. And with that, Husband informed me I was on my own. (Thanks for the teamwork.)

Painting trim can me tricky- especially when you just put in new carpet in December. Best and cheapest solution? Put packing tape under the trim/over the carpet. Packing tape is wider and way tougher than painting tape. It keeps the carpet down while you are painting and while it is drying. I would like to take credit for this, but I found the idea 3:40 am on Sunday morning...thank you insomnia.

Also, a big thank you to the kind folks at the local Home Depot for working so hard to give me a second can of my mystery Oops Paint when I ran out of the first can.

Here is the rest of the trim after three days straight of trim painting

(Crown Molding)

Proud Painter

Closet Door

Q & A

1. Yes, I painted while pregnant. I used a mask, safe paint, opened windows, and took frequent breaks. 
2. Like I said, I don't know the name of the trim color. I call it "Tannish-Grey, Kinda Khaki" color. The walls are Canvas Tan. All Behr paint.
3. Painter's Tape is my worst enemy. With all the trim, my enemy and I got very close. However, when painting the walls, I love this thing on edges- much better than tape. 
4. Yes, the blinds are really white compared to the rest of the room. However, our neighborhood covenants require us to have white window treatments. I want to put some fixed roman shades over the blinds and keep the blinds pulled up except for sleepy time. 
5. Husband is the worst painter. Love him so much, but it is not his gift, so he was fired as a painter. He did sit with me and build furniture though. And he only locked me in the room once while he went to ride his bicycle. It was an accident...apparently.
6. Jammer has already told me that shim LOVES this color so much and never expects me to even think about repainting...especially the trim.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cheers to Three Years (and Three Days) Lucy!

Last Saturday, my precious J.R. Terrier (aka Lucy) turned three. (Yes, she is 21 in dog years, making her legal!) I will admit- my dog mommy skills are slacking. There was no birthday party, but she did get a new bed plus some playtime with her Alabama cousins (Scout and Coosa.) You can read Lucy's birthday post from last year here. (Please do not be insulted that I think you want to spend your time reading birthday posts to my dog... just saying.) Here are some of my favorite Lucy pictures from the past year...

Wishing My Mom a Happy Birthday

Lucy and Winnie Celebrating the Arrival of Valentine
(Excuse the slicked back, dirty hair look)

I am doomed to be one of those parents who takes pictures of their kids being bad

Helping me pack

Being a great participator in my niece's, Maddox, Flat Stanley project

My Walking Buddy

Adventures in St. George...Loves her a Beach

And loves the woods

Such a sweet dog

Happy Birthday Lucy Dog! 

Monday, April 9, 2012

I'm Back....Kinda...with some motivation

Meaning, I am back at school physically, but not mentally :)

My Spring Break was more than fantastic- I actually got a lot accomplished. However, after going home this weekend, I am exhausted and can't believe I am about to have to give the CRCT.

To make my Monday a little more fun, they waxed my floor over Spring Break. This means a pregnant teacher will be carefully be putting back 30 desks, chairs, and other random doodads they decided just to throw in any old spot :)


I promise this week will be filled with a nursery update and a sweet visit with some sweet boys :)
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