Friday, July 29, 2011

Wedding Tribute

In honor of my friend, Kathleen, and her upcoming wedding nuptials, I wanted to do a little post on her :)

Kathleen and I met my freshman year of college as pledges for our sorority. It is hard to believe that was almost seven years ago...
(L-R: Me and Kathleen...the Blonde Days)
Spring of Our Freshman Year at Alabama

Our sophomore year, we moved into the sorority house. That is where we would live for the next three years. There were happy times, sad times, quiet times, and almost always, crazy fun times.
(L-R: ???, Kathleen, Me, Claudia, Jimmy)

(L-R: Me, Kathleen, Hannah, Hylan)

When Kathleen was Crowned Alabama's Homecoming Queen

(L-R: Me, Calley, Kelsey Marie, Hylan, Claudia, Kathleen)
Senior Brunch

(L-R: Hylan, Me, Kathleen, Claudia)
Our Last Night Out in T-town

Tomorrow, Kathleen is going to marry a wonderful  man. I couldn't be happier for the two of them.

Congratulations Kathleen and Eric!

I have decided to make a long weekend for their wedding, therefore, no post on Monday. Never fear, I will return on Tuesday!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Look for Less- Colorblock

Image from Gucci Runway courtesy of Savvy Spice
I just cannot get enough of the colorblock trend. Celebrities are loving it too.


Katie Holmes

Jessica Alba


Even my friend, ABray, and I took a spin on it.

The great thing is, you don't have to spend a lot either. I loved this Michael Kors dress. However, the $1,795 price tag was a massive deterrent. (It is a bad sign when you know that even if the dress was 80%, you still couldn't afford it.)

Never to fear, I found this similar dress at Macy's, that is over 97% less than the cost of this lovely Michael Kors dress. Why splurge, when you can save!

Quite similar, right?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Accessorizing a One Shoulder Dress

This weekend, one of my dear sorority sisters is getting married. (More about Kathleen at a later post.)
My problem- What to Wear?
Actually- How to accessorize?
Remember when I did that post on reusing outfits? Well, Husband is making me eat my words- no new dress.
I am planning on wearing a one shoulder dress. I have only worn it one other time, and paired it with tights, sequined booties, and simple earrings. Since I am going with simple, nude strappy sandals, I thought it might be a good idea to have some fun with the jewels.

Which brings me to the question...
Necklace vs. No Necklace?

With Necklace

Olivia Palermo
Without Necklace

Rachel Zoe
With Necklace

Kate Moss
Without Necklace

Lauren Conrad
With Necklace (but a very small one)

Charlize Theron
Without Necklace

What is your vote? Play it safe with classic turquoise earrings or jazz if up with a statement necklace?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The world would be a better place...

Photo courtesy of Pinterest
...if every staircase came with a slide :)

Sorry about the short post. I have been a bit under the weather, but am planning on being A-OK by this weekend...just in time for some wedding and beach action.

Monday, July 25, 2011


Sometimes a girl makes a mistake.

I feel the need to blog about it. (Stay with me here.)

First of all, let me clarify that this mistake is COMPLETELY my fault. Completely.

At the end of April, I found out about a special code that the company, Jewelmint, was running. In a nutshell, you could get a piece of jewelry for $9 with a special code. Sweet! I bought a super cute necklace and told everyone I knew to do the same.

Skip to last night. Husband was reviewing our finances. I never participate in such matters. (I know, I should.)

Husband: Lindsey, what is Jewelmint?

Me: Jewelry store.

Husband: Where? How are you spending exactly $29.99 at the beginning of each month there?

Me: I'm not? I bought one necklace. For nine bucks.

<Awkward silence times gagillion>

Husband: No.

Sooooo...apparently I didn't read the fine print. (Story of my life.) Jewelmint is a "jewelry club" and when I bought that one piece for $9, I was now a member. Every month I was being charged $29.99 as a membership due. I had NINETY DOLLARS OF JEWELRY CREDITS!!!!

Moral of the story: Read More. Especially when using a credit card.
Outcome of the story: All female family members will be getting pieces of jewelry for Christmas (purchased with my "credits.")

Friday, July 22, 2011

I Dig, Part Three

What am I digging on this week?

Wednesday I got to go here...

For some of this...

Photos courtesy of AJC

With her...

(Picture of Alli and me right after we met at New Teacher training in 2008. FYI- that is our "Be Quiet" sign at our school. Sometimes I find myself doing it at Target.)

(Oh, the BBQ was Thing #1 and Alli is Thing #2 that I dig.)

My light saber/life saver...
Summer brings late night swims, which means late night showers, which means I don't blow dry my hair because I need to go to bed. Therefore, I usually wake up in the morning with a partially curly + partially straight = all over bad hair day. The Conair Infiniti Wand Styler is awesome at taking those "which way are you going?" strands and making them into soft waves. And it actually holds! One day this week, I went two days in a row without having to re-curl.

I organized me jewelry, and that is always something I dig...

Those sweet little trays lift up as well. Optimal storage.

And my make-up...

I keep it organized in this...

(Missing? The make-up shelf. I keep it on my desk vanity, then put it away when we have guests.)

I got this from Ikea when we first moved here and IT IS AWESOME. Even when it is not organized, it is hidden behind that nice little frosted glass door and out of sight.

Finally, see these people...

(sorry for the grainy image)

That is my dad and mom. We don't live very close, so we don't see each other as much as we like. Tomorrow though, they are making the drive to Atlanta, and I couldn't be more excited. I am especially digging them right now :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

J's Everyday Fashion

Teacher has a new obsession.

As much as I love working on my own blog, I REALLY love blog stalking others. (It has replaced my Facebook stalking.) My dear friend, Sus (talked about here and here), introduced me to my newest obsession- J....and her Everyday Fashion.

J is getting mad respect from me. I hate flipping through fashion magazines and blogs where all the items cost as much as my monthly paycheck. (Sorry guys, I am no Carrie Bradshaw- a starving writer yet purchases Manolos like they are tic tacs. I am a starving teacher who can't afford to window shop .)  J., instead, focuses on pieces that are actually affordable, from stores such as Gap, Forever 21, and H&M to name a few.

She doesn't so much copy the looks exactly, but uses what she already owns to create a similar look to fit her personal style and body type.

Photos courtesy of J's Everyday Fashion
Don't you just love? Go see for yourself here.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Love the Smell of a Good Sale


Buy Them. Wear Them. Lose Them. Find Them. Break Them (repeat)

Needless to say, I do not spend very much money on sunglasses. My two pairs that I am rocking this summer are from Target and the Miami Walgreens.

I usually don't even look at the sunglass section at department stores, but good ole Nordstrom surpassed my expectations. Sunglasses for TEN BUCKS!

So many styles to choose from! Go get your favorite pair here.

I Am Not Pregnant

First, I wanted to establish that.

But, my friend, Jessica, is! My school is like the baby factory. "Maternity leave" is as common of a phrase as "tonight's homework." And although there is no baby in my immediate future, I love baby nurseries.

Repeat- I. Love. Baby. Nurseries.

I am so excited to see what Jessica does with nursery. She has been so creative with her house. (Can you believe it?- Both she and her husband (Ryan) work full-time jobs, are flipping a house, having a baby, and look perfect 100% of the time... believe me, I have worked out with her.)

Here are some nurseries I am lusting after...(For Jessica!)

I just love that teal crib

 Grey chevron walls? Yes
Yellow bedding? Yes
Giraffe bigger than a child that could cause nightmare until age seven? Yes

Even though it is blue, I could see it working for a boy or girl. I also like that they put the dresser in the closet, because, let's face it, few infants have long ball gowns and fur coats.

Gah! Look at that barn door!! Dad- do not be alarmed if our your barn is missing a door. I will return 18 years from it's departure.

So fun. So educational.

Photos courtesy of Pinterest
Probably my favorite. I love that color of green/blue/teal with grey. Also, I like that the wall is one color, because where I swoon over chevron and other designs on walls, I doubt I (or Husband for that matter) would be down for painter's tape while preggers. (Kudos to my brother who was though.)
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