Saturday, May 23, 2015

Move Me Right In

My found my dream home. I better pack my bags.

 Those who know and love me know that a white on white house is my dream. 

An antler chandelier with planked walls.
Love. love. love,

I think I sold Brooks. I showed him the bedroom had a ceiling fan. Those are the only things in a house he cares about. He insists on them in every room.

I love the fun Moroccan tile on the floor with the sophisticated marble on the walls.


All pictures via HomeBunch. More pictures available as well.

I'm taking donations to build this. I need land, materials, and labor. But you can totally stay with me whenever you want.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Weekend at the Beach

I have not a lot of pictures and even less words. However, we had a fabulous time. Big thank you to my mom who came and watched the boys during their naps and bedtime so we could go out to eat.

I got so many compliments on these, so I thought that I would share. They came from Ikea ($10!) and my Aunt Deborah monogrammed the hoods. 

Overall, the boys had a great time. Woody loved the sand and Gaines loved the ocean. We usually stayed down for an hour then would come back to my parents' place to eat, nap, or decompress. I have learned that the beach with kids rarely means relaxing beachside for hours.

Like I said, we enjoyed ourselves (as usual) when it came to food. If you are in the Rosemary/Seagrove/Seaside area of Florida, here is where we dined. We tried all new places this trip (instead of our usual Bud and Alley's and The Red Bar...which are really good too!)

Night 1 dinner. Cool rooftop with nice views of the ocean. Lots of TVs if you need to catch the end of the Hawks game too ;)

I went shopping during the boys' nap and got hungry (as usual.) This was a cool place (I love a rooftop) to grab a snack. The hotel was beautiful too. The black and white awnings were why I wanted to eat there.

Edward's- Rosemary
This was my favorite night! This place had a great little outdoor area and fun live music. And after dinner we walked around Rosemary while I picked out all the lovely houses I wanted to live in.

Pickles- Seaside
We ate here the last night with the boys. It was nice that everyone could get what they wanted and eat by the beach. The food trucks are right across the street too (so you can get a sno cone!)

Special thanks once again to my momma! Poor thing had to put up with Gaines's 3:30 am wake-up call (seriously) and my (mild) complaining. She's a gem. We had a great time and can't wait to be back.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Fairy Gracemother

Let's begin. Brooks has been gone this week. He comes home today. Hallelujah. Woody has done a wonderful job reminding me that I am not his beloved "Dabby" all week. He had a total meltdown going to school on Tuesday, because Dabby wasn't taking him in his truck. We avoided a meltdown today, and I was going to reward myself with a trip to Target for some much needed necessities (sarcasm.) I was texting my friend, Jessica, in the parking lot when I got a reminder that I had a MOPs transition meeting in 10 minutes.

This morning- bed head and waffles in a bowl...on the a dog

Morning Relaxation

For those of you that know Atlanta, I was in the Perimeter. The meeting was in Buckhead...where Woody goes to school....where I had JUST BEEN! And in rush hour, you aren't getting anywhere in ten minutes. I felt my face get so red, flustered because I knew I was going to be late. How did I forget? I was just there! I saw another mother going to the meeting! What have these children done to my brain!? 

I hate being late. I use to never be late. I would make judgemental comments like, "When you are late, you are saying your time is more valuable than others." (Ugh, major eye roll at former self.) Now, I cannot tell you the last time I was on time. (Mother's Day Sunday? Sprinting into church.) Sometimes it is due to the fact that getting two boys dressed, shoes on, diaper bag with diapers, wipes, snacks, and cups ready only to get to the door and realize someone has a smelly diaper is not a five minute process. Sometimes it is due to the fact that I am 90% sure the lack of sleep for the past three years has gravely damaged my memory (Ask my poor teacher friends, once I had kids, they had to remind me of every meeting we had planned.) I fear that I am losing it at 28, so I have started brushing my teeth with my left hand because my mother says that prevents memory loss. (Don't ask.)

I make it to church. Only 15 minutes late at that point. Poor Gaines had fallen asleep in the car, and I yanked him out of his carseat as fast as a whip to shove him off to the church nursery (his favorite!....more sarcasm.) He wasn't exactly in his Sunday best, nor did I have a diaper bag for him. Luckily I found a wadded diaper in my purse and a half cup of milk. Have fun, Gaines!

Of course it was no big deal that I was late. Or that I had on an old t-shirt and my hair has not been washed in a week while. No one seemed to notice or care. Why? Because we are so willing to give grace...except to ourselves. The things I say and think about myself are things I would never say about anyone else. 

If you had asked me five years ago what a preschooler needs at a class party, I would have said, "Um like juice and cookies." (High five former self!) Now, I feel terrible guilt about just sending juice boxes and plates (that I typically buy the morning of the party.) Why didn't I make a themed snack for the end of the year party with themes beach buckets!?

Supermom Alli

I look at other women and think, "She looks amazing! She is so active and fit. Wow...she just ran a race...three months after giving birth!

Supermom Jessica- not only ran a race, but with both of her kids...and I really need to text her back

Me? "Gross Lindsey, invest in 16 cover-ups for a four day beach trip so absolutely no one sees what you are working with."

When I think of grace, I don't typically think of forgiving myself; showing myself grace. Excepting and loving myself as the person God made me, not what I want to make myself into being. Of course I will continue to strive to do remarkable things like be on time, make cute things for my kids, and exercise (these are all remarkable to me), 

but when I fall short, showing myself grace. I should be packing right now and not writing a blog and looking at gifs from my favorite shows, btw. And I did eventually make it to Target where Woody got his new Puddle Jumper and fell asleep with it in the car.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Family Visit

Brooks left Wednesday to go hiking with his dad. I am always sad when Brooks isn't around, but I wasn't too sad since Mom was coming to stay with me and help out with the boys. I talk to my mom everyday, but having her here is so special. We shopped (even with two little ones), laughed, and shared stories. Oh, and she let me sleep in a lot! 

On Saturday, I had to work Woody's school's Spring Fling. Poor Mom got the job of pushing the boys around (including Gaines who desperately needed a nap.) She never complained, even when Woody wanted to do the car track, yet had no clue on how to make the car go.

I love the off-brand characters- Dottie McStuffins 

(Gaines finally feel asleep in the stroller)

When we got home, Sister and her family arrived. Gaines wanted to let Hollon know that he has a permanent spot on Nana's lap.

 Mom headed home (to get some much needed sleep.) Woody was so excited to see his cousins. He was obsessed with Jake. And was very interested in what Jake was looking at on the phone.

And then all the cousins got in on the fun.

We later went out to eat. Poor Robbie got to enjoy his meal with two girls and four kids. We kept pretending that we were Sister Wives. I don't know what is wrong with us. Brooks finally made it home and we stayed up way too late talking and laughing. Actually, I feel asleep at some point and the rest of them stayed up even later. I can't hang. Never fear, we made sure to call my brother and give him a hard time since he was missing out. He questioned why we didn't have anything better to do at 10:00.

We tried to get a picture of all the kids before they left on Sunday. Poor Woody was still in his pajamas.

The best of what I got.

Thank you Momma and Sister (and family) for staying with me! We had the best time and am ready for you to move to Atlanta since you both love the traffic so much.

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