Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Checking In!

Ah! I hate getting so behind on this blog. I hate that not only do I have few pictures on my phone, I have fewer on my big camera. I have a good excuse- I have been subbing a lot at Woody's school! I love subbing there- his preschool is this magical place. I thought I wanted to try for a full time job there...then I taught the two year olds and decided I was good just subbing!

We are in the swing of Christmas. I am much less stressed about it. My shopping is almost done (although nothing is wrapped), and I love decorating for Christmas. When Woody was a baby, my mom gave my the Fisher Price nativity. They boys adore it, and Woody can finally (somewhat) name the figures. He knows that it is Baby Jesus's birthday, He was born with the animals, and Jesus's mommy was Mary. Then he usually says, "And my mommy is Lindsey."

Another funny story- This weekend, we were at Best Buy buying a Christmas gift, and my boys saw a Star Wars display. Neither have never seen any of the movies, but Brooks and my nephew, Jake, are big fans. Well, Gaines saw a life-size Storm Trooper, and fell in love. It was $40, so I told Gaines that he would have to wait for Christmas. He cried and cried over it, hugged it, danced with it. Brooks is such a softy and compromised with him and bought the 24inch one...which isn't exactly small. Woody wanted a booblehead Yoda. Both are perfect for each boy.

Now time for a big iPhone dump...

Woody got his mittens! He really likes them. He will yell, "Oh no! I lost my mittens!" We have to make a big deal of "finding" them. They have been awesome with this 70 degree weather.

The mittens came with a hat. Woody gave it to Gaines.

Our friend, Mikey, gave us tickets to the Falcons game. We lost :(, but it was a fun time. Then we went to Friendsgiving, but I have no pictures, so I stole this one from Allison.

Second Annual Pig Pink Trip! Alyssa was sick, so she couldn't join us. We got there thirty minutes before the ride opened and still has about 50 people in front of us! Catherine and Gracelyn make me laugh so much, so it made it easier. We planned on Woody riding with Gracelyn and Gaines riding with me. Well, both boys wanted to ride with me, but Woody was screaming louder, so he got his way (how it works, right?) Poor Gracelyn rode by herself, but she didn't seem to mind!

The boys and I drove to Prattville on Tuesday, and Brooks joined us Wednesday night. I only have one, bad quality iPhone picture from the trip, but Sister has a much better recap.

Friday night movie time

On Saturday, we went to Maridelle's. Gaines was happy to walk the dogs.

And Woody was unhappy with his outfit

But he cheered up when we told him that we were about to go home and watch Alabama beat Auburn! 
Roll Tide!

Since pretty much everyone is Woody's class has a summer birthday, you sign up for a day during the school year to celebrate as your "Special Day." When I got to his classroom to set up, Woody and three friends had decided to stay back and help their teacher set up the tree.

We had an ABC celebration. We read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, ate fruit kabobs, and played with letter beads. 

That weekend, Brooks got a stomach virus. We thought it was food poisoning at first. I took the boys to church, while he rested. Brooks is so good about giving the boys 100% of his time and attention on the weekends since he doesn't see much of them during the week. They boys didn't understand why Daddy wasn't playing with them. As soon as we got back from church, Gaines wanted to be with Brooks. He even feel asleep on him.

He shouldn't have cuddled so close! Monday night, Gaines threw up. I guess it was a stomach virus, and not food poisining. Luckily, no one else got it, and he was better by Tuesday morning.

He barely moved Monday night. Lots of snuggles and Powerade.

Feeling better and watching the yard crew

"I'm not picky."- Gaines

When I sub, Gaines goes to the Mom's Morning Out program. On Friday, we had a rough day. He was already cranky, and then he smashed his fingers in the door. The nurse wanted me to check in on him, but that made him very sad that Momma came, but it wasn't time to leave. He finally just passed out by the big window. There went Friday's nap...

But my child who never naps, fell asleep in the car and stayed asleep on the couch for 2 1/2 hours! What are the odds!?

On Sunday, Woody refused and pictures, but look at Peepers!

I melt!

Can you believe that his older brother calls him a "scary monster?'
(You can if you have ever been bit by him!)

Friday, November 20, 2015

Woody's Thanksgiving at School

But first, can we take a moment to relive last year's Thanksgiving!?

It was a big day for Woody- Chapel in the morning and his Thanksgiving Feast in the afternoon. Daddy was even able to make it to Chapel! Also in attendance was an alphabet workbook. I hope our Lord isn't offended.

And some videos of Woody not paying attention/annoyed with the singing that is interrupting his learning.

Woody's class with his teachers and the speaker

Woody's teacher are amazing for dealing with him and take pictures of the kids all the time. I am glad to know the workbook made it to the playground today.

(And during this time, Gippy was in Mom's Morning Out, and I was enjoying a nice, no kids outing to TJ Maxx. I bought a poncho....it's cute.)

I came back for Woody's feast. He even wore his pilgrim hat for me!

Come on! You know better than that! No way was he wearing that.

"How dare you, Mom?"

I love the centerpieces and place mats they made.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Say what?!

Since Woody has really started talking, I have really enjoyed the random things that fly out of his mouth.

The majority of the time, he is like a parrot. He just repeats things. Gaines had broken a car beyond repair, and I was trying to tell him it was broken. Not only did he cry every time I said, "It's broken," he really screamed when his brother replied, "It's broken. It's broken."

If he doesn't want to do something, then it is scary. Example-
Me: Please put your tray up.
Woody: I scared.

Me: Go to the bathroom.
Woody: I can't. It's scary

A few weeks ago, Brooks was out of town on a climbing trip, and I was trying to get the kids to church. I was scared we would be late, so I told Woody to hurry up so I could get him dressed. He looked at me and replied, "Have we met?"

Woody was crying in the car. Like uncontrollably. I kept asking him, "What's wrong?" and he finally calmed down enough to answer, "I lost my mitten." .... Woody doesn't have mittens, and when I informed him of this, he cried harder and screamed, "I know! That is why I am sad!" (Don't worry grandmas...I ordered him some mittens.)

The saddest excuse for a hug. Please note the potty seat in background. Peepers constantly tries to take it in the car. It is his favorite toy. (Before you throw up, it has never been used. Woody still only uses the "widdle potty.") We already have a plastic potty in the car for emergencies with Woody. I can't let my car go look totally like a porta potty. What would the people at carpool think?

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween 2015 Part 2 + Lots of Random Pictures From my iPhone!

This was the Monday before Halloween at school. Woody wasn't impressed with the inside of a pumpkin. 

And Woody not paying attention.

Year 4! Love that little cowboy!

We decided to go back to Alabama for Halloween. Nana Jane isn't doing well, and we just wanted to see her, as well as our other family. We loaded up Friday and hit the road. We made it to Auburn (a little over an hour until home) when our neighbor called to let us know Lucy had escaped. (Savanna, Brooks's sister, comes over to let them in and out and feed them while we are gone. We love her so!) He had Lucy, but wasn't sure if Winnie had gotten out as well. Savanna went over to get Lucy, check on Winnie, and lock them both in for the night. However, we were worried that with the Trick-or-Treaters, she might escape again. So we decided to turn around and go home. My amazing husband had the best attitude about the whole situation, and it wore off on all of us. The boys slept the whole way back home (and through the rest of the night), and we enjoyed just spending the time talking. 

So Saturday morning, we tried again!

With the two pups!
The just didn't want to miss any fun.

Brooks brought his fancy camera and took amazing photos with it. He needs to teach me how to use it (and the fancy computer with Photoshop), but for now, I have pictures from my phone. And hey, my boys are cute despite the picture quality!

I wanted the boys to be party animals. If I am being honest, it kept me from buying new costumes. Neither were down with the idea of wearing sunglasses. The hats stayed on briefly.

Watching "The Monkey Video" on YouTube to get pumped.

At some point, Gaines popped himself with the strap of the hat, so we ditched the idea and decided to embrace our inner zoo.

We trick-or-treated in Brooks's parents' neighborhood. Things we need to work on for next year:

1. We ring/knock once. And not both.
2. We aren't allowed inside.
3. Keep moving. Don't stop to eat the candy. It's for Momma. Kidding! sorta....

Sunday morning we hit the road to return to Georgia. The boys weren't feeling great, so I did what any great mother would do and gave them Halloween candy. Gaines agreed that it was a terrific idea.

(If you look closely, you can see M&Ms smeared on his face.)

Busy weekend!

My poor buddies didn't recover well. This was Monday night. Woody came in my room and passed out in the chair. I took them to the doctor this morning...both have Bronchitis and Woody has a double ear infection. So glad I took them!

Feeling okay enough to hug/wrestle

Okay, now I need to dump a bunch of photos from my phone. I think these are in order...maybe not.

On brother's scooter while he is at school.

Woody had his first dentist appointment! Unfortunately, he was so upset, he didn't get them cleaned. They did count them, and see that he didn't have any cavities! We will try again in the Spring (maybe.)

Woody on school picture day. Hoping his smile was a little more natural.

I love cardigans. However, I think this one is too small.

He looks 13 here!

Another day. Another cardigan. Another wild man.

My good eater chowing down on Hot Dog Stir Fry. Remember when I thought I couldn't cook?! Maybe I should Pin the recipe. 

"Mom, I'm ready for my trip to Japan!"
(As long as the Paw Patrol can go too.)

Manners 101

Woody out.

My Aunt Deborah made them precious outfits. 
But my models were not camera ready.

Checking out Target's Halloween section. 
(And hopefully not getting lice.)

Getting pumped for the slide.


I love love love those boys!

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