Monday, March 23, 2015

Gaines's First Birthday Party

As you know, the first party (on March 7th- his actual birthday) had to be cancelled thanks to a stomach virus, but since I had made all of the decorations, it felt a bit of a waste not to reschedule (and you only turn one once!) The day was beautiful, and Gaines was surrounded by family, friends, and love from far away.

There wasn't a theme really. Just a lot of blue and baby!

There are so many pictures. My sweet sister-in-law and father-in-law took pictures for me. Sorry I'm not sorry.

 The cross and the sign were on his wreath for the hospital door when he was born.

 I don't have any clever names for the food. We had stuffed peppers (thanks Mimi!), fruit (thanks Nana!), chicken (thanks Chick-fil-a!), cake (thanks Tippi!) and boxed pasta salad (you're welcome.)

 My incredible friend, Tippi, made a blue birthday cake and smash cake for his first birthday party. And then she did the whole thing again for the second. Amazing. And the cake was amazing too- it was blue on the inside!

 I reused a lot of the decor my sister had made for Woody's first birthday. There were blue candies for party favors.

Bubbles for the kids' favors

Gaines and his Mimi (Brooks's mom)

Gaines and me

 Pigging out on everyone else's lunch

 Aunt Savanna and Uncle Jake

The Birthday Boy's Wonderful Big Brother- Woody

Amy and Alli (former co-workers and wonderful friends) with Gaines

Maridelle and Jane (great grandmommas) with my mom discussing how amazing their grandchildren are

Aunt Savanna, Jane, and Aunt Melanie

The best out of our attempts at a family photo

 Cousin Momo, Gaines, and my dad
Woody and Cousin Maddox

Riding Dad in the JumpJump

My brother (William Alton) with Gaines Alton

So happy we got to celebrate our little Peepers!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Mondays Aren't So Terrible

Last week...

  • made me want to hire a maid
  • made me want to hire a nanny
  • made me want to hire a nurse
  • made me want to hire a cook
  • made me want to hire a parenting expert
  • made me want all of the new people I hired to be my friend and keep me company when we are stuck in the house

But a sweet husband, a relaxing weekend, and 80 degrees on a Monday recharged this dead momma. We spent all day enjoying God's creation.

Thank you, God, for the stormy, dark days. Without those, I would never fully appreciate the beautiful ones.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Dear year later

(A happy Gaines...pre stomach virus)
I had grand intentions on writing this last night, but I as was thawing his perfect cake that my friend, Tippi, had made before leaving for Australia and was gluing together the last miniature party hat for the tiny animals by his cake, I heard a cry and knew something was wrong.

Poor thing had thrown up everywhere in his crib. Long story short, we rung in his first birthday in the emergency room. Shortly before midnight, as we waited in the very crowded ER waiting room (next to the a sleep-deprived two-year who had knocked out at least two, possibly more teeth), Gaines feel asleep on my chest. I couldn't help but think about the letter I wrote him, one year ago.

Dear Gaines, on your first birthday,

Could I have expected anything different? You have personified the expression, "I make plans. God laughs." Just as my pregnancy with you was unexpected, your birthday was the same. I can't help but wonder the other unanticipated surprises you will bring us.

 You shocked us all when actually made it to your scheduled c-section date at just under 9lbs. A stubborn child was surprising, but I wonder if that will one day be one of your greatest strengths. Nobody anticipates a one year old with 14 teeth. And nobody is ever prepared for when those teeth bite you. I can't believe we had to file taxes on you thanks to your little modeling career (you really are beautiful-not just to your momma.) You bring unexpected joy to everyone you meet. Joy that makes bad days good. But one thing I could have never predicted is just how much I love you. 

Life with you may never go as plan. And that makes me so happy. 

Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.
Proverbs 19:21

Happy Birthday Gaines Alton. I cannot wait to see what you have in store for us this year.

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