Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Simply Stripes

I have a mild obsession with stripes... especially in the summer. Some of my "friendbrities" (i.e.: celebrities that would totally be friends with me) have been sporting stripes too, like...

Photo from Gem Gossip

Photo from Choose Style
And Reese...
Photo from Fashion Hippo

Creating your own striped sensation is a fun (but relatively effortless) way to play with a print. Just be careful with black/white combos (Wednesday Adams, The Hamburglar) and red/white combos (Where's Waldo?)
Simply Striped

Simply Striped by lhharvard featuring striped tops
Stripe dress
22 GBP -

Pocket dress
15 GBP -

French Connection slouch dress
$39 -

Striped top
20 GBP -

TopShop striped top
$36 -

J Crew cap sleeve top
$43 -

Echo design
$38 -

Viyella blue scarve
30 GBP -

Hair bow accessory
3 GBP -

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