Friday, April 22, 2011

Today, Last Night, Deal of the Day

Today is Good Friday! It is also the annual fifth grade puberty talk....

How many times will I say, "Ask your parents," today?

Did you watch The Office last night? Due to Maundy Thursday services and dinner with some of my favorite people, I had to record it, and then insisted on watching it waaaaaay past my bedtime. It is like the fifth Office episode in a row that I have cried during. I will be a total wreck next Thursday.

Finally, Friday's Deal of the Day!!!!


Reasons why this dress needs to be in YOUR closet:
1. It comes in gray or navy, so you can wear it with anything.
2. Hard to see in picture, but the dress actually has a hint of sparkle in it. Perfect for summer.
3. There is a bow. I love me a bow on anything.
4. It is on sale for $16.14.

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