Friday, June 26, 2015

Potty School Drop-Outs

Lately, we've been thinking about potty training. I bought some Thomas the Train pull-ups and some Disney underwear. He decided he didn't like either... He asked for a "baby diaper" instead. Last Thursday was the first day he agreed to wear underwear. So far, we have one successful trip to the potty (documented above.) We returned back to Target this week where I spent $40 on those Gerber training pants and Thomas underwear that Woody insisted on getting. We wore these, sat on the potty every ten minutes, but proceeded to wet in his underwear anyway and say, "Thomas wet, Momma." He doesn't get it, I end up crying by noon, so we are quitting for a while. I simply cannot say, "Do you need to go teetee in the potty?" one more time. (Only to have Woody say, "Nope." as I watch urine stream down his leg.) I would love any helpful hints or tip when we try this again. However, I would not like any, "Why isn't he potty trained yet?" comments. 

Gaines on the other hand is completely over baby diapers. He takes them off and squats on the family room rug. (I would show you a picture, but Brooks objected.) He has been wearing a lot of onsies and overalls lately.

Woody is almost three. This is a big deal. His party won't be. It will be of the Catch Air variety. I think he will prefer this. Keeping it honest, after Gaines stomach virus the night before his party (not his fault, I know), I kind of got the "plan a big, fun party" wind taken out of my sail.

Besides pooping on my rug, Gaines is growing too. He is the man of many nicknames- Peepers, Gippy, Gips, Bruiser, and lately he has been reminding me of this guy...

Because he will bite down on you with all those teeth and then give you the sweetest hug while he pats your back.

And to keep my momma happy, some pictures of my sweet boys

That's all, folks!
Happy Weekend!

Monday, June 22, 2015

The Swag

Senior Harvards generously took us to The Swag in Waynesville, NC. Brooks's sister (Savanna), her husband (Jake), Brooks, and I stayed in the Two Story cabin, which was awesome with its outdoor tub, shower, and pool table. The food was incredible and the hiking was actually enjoyable and pretty (I typically don't "love" hiking...ask about our engagement story.) 

Senior Harvards joked that it was like adult summer camp- I agree!
This was taken Saturday morning before our hike. We walked up to Gooseberry Knob, which was a short walk from our cabin. They have nice little chairs and a hammock where you can relax. (The sticks Savanna and I are carrying are souvenirs they give you when you check-in. Brooks used his as a drum major baton.)

Hiking up Hemphill Bald

 At the top! Brooks picked a bouquet of wildflowers that I added to my ponytail. (He's the sweetest.)

(Jake, Savanna, me, Brooks, Pam, Jim)

Saturday Night Dinner

Thank you Pam and Jim for this wonderful weekend away!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Life According to my iPhone

Schools out. Bummer. We have to get creative in how we spend our time.

We went to HippoHop where we met our buds, Wesley and Carson (and their momma, of course!)

And Catch Air, where we met Momma's teacher friends afterwards

Where Woody completely lost it when he saw a skateboard (these things tend to happen at naptime.)

We've been bumming off our friends that have pools as well. I don't have any photos of these outings because I am too busy changing poop-filled swim diapers. If you did not know already, these are life ruiners. 

We've been swinging giant sticks around that good mommas would take away before taking a picture.

Letting Dabby know how much fun we are having.

And file this under things that annoy Dabby
(I know, I know...How do I keep my closet so organized?!)

Ready to go to the puppet show and over pictures

After the show with Woody's buds, Hagen and Blake (and their sweet mommas), we hit up the Varsity. My kids can demolish a cheeseburger (and chicken nuggets)

Gaines would like you to know that if you touch one of his lovies, then he will cut you

We've been getting back to our Alabama roots and playing in our diapers in the backyard. I am 99% sure this ended badly.

That's all!
(Get out of my Lady Lounge, Peepers)

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Father's Day Gift Ideas 2015

Why are the men we love the most the hardest to shop for? I feel like I give Brooks the same thing every year (with the exception of last year when I tried to get crafty and made him a misspelled photo frame.)

And not that we don't want to spend millions, but all of these items are less than $75 (so Brooks, there are no trucks or bikes on this list.) So here are some of my favorite ideas for 2015 for all of those special guys in our lives.

Brooks loves these shirts. I was at the Columbia store with my pal, Alli, and saw that they make them with college team logos now. Perfect for the hot summer and then the fall when football season starts.

I actually gave Brooks this two years ago (I should get him a new one since he upgraded his phone.) It is from a cool company called This Is Ground. Brooks was always complaining that when he wore dress pants that his wallet and phone were too bulky. This wallet easily combines the two. He always got tons of compliments on it. They have lots of other unique products as well.

RTJ is pretty popular in Alabama. With a trail card, you get discounts on green fees and merchandise. I know that my brother had one and used it a lot. (And a perk for us ladies, let him play golf, while you go to the trail's spa! Win Win!!)

You can never have enough hats. I can't get enough of this needlepoint. It can be a slightly dressier option than his beat-up (insert his favorite team) cap.

Even if your guy isn't the outdoorsy type, believe me, he needs a headlamp. Brooks obviously uses them for hiking and camping, but I know my dad uses his for working outside at night. And an added us for us girls, I used it when the power when out and I needed to apply my make-up.

Another staple that my husband loves. He can never have enough pairs. Great for the pool/lake/beach too!

And my dilemma because I know how much he would love them, yet I could never be seen with him...

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