Thursday, August 30, 2012

It's My Birthday!

I am celebrating by wearing my fancy robe and eating GiGi cupcakes all day (thanks to the greatest friends who brought them over.) Oh, and those same great friends are watching Wood-Man tonight so Husband and I can go out to eat...or shopping... I am still deciding...maybe I should stop eating those cupcakes :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Weekend Fun

Woody went to his first birthday party on Saturday. His friend, Savannah Grace, was turning two. He was super excited!!

The Cupcakes

Amy and Savannah Grace

Alli and Jackson

Woody also went to our church for the first time. Last weekend, we took him to church in Prattville, but this was his first experience at Peachtree Pres. We had an orientation for the church nursery, so we didn't actually hear the sermon, but proud parents have to document.

I'm pretending that Woody is giving a big smile (In reality? It was a big poop.)

Proud Papa

Monday, August 27, 2012


When I was about to begin my freshman year of college, I was trilled to be moving off and living independently in my own apartment.

And then I had to set up my cable, got completely overwhelmed (stressful, right?) and called my momma in tears. (This was Week 1.)

Fast forward exactly eight years later. I have a (precious) new baby who screams the majority of the day (and I thank God that my son has healthy lungs that let me hear him.) Once again, I called my momma in tears. Like always, she dropped what she was doing to make the three hour trip to be there for me. (So thankful for my momma.)

She spent three days soothing my baby, letting me de-stress, and giving me ears for the conversation I have been craving. It did my heart good.

I guess that is what mommas do. Woody cries, and I have to stop what I am doing to tend to his needs. Sometimes Usually he is hungry, sometimes there is a dirty diaper, the need for a good burp, or just wants a cuddle. This week, I learned that I won't just be doing this for the first year or until he is 18, but for the rest of his life. (Let's hope his needs change though...if I am burping him at 16 then I give up.) It is overwhelming and scary when I think about it, but I guess that is part of who I am now- a momma. Baby cries, Momma is there, and that is what matters. It doesn't matter if you're 6 weeks or (almost) 26.

These are my Monday ramblings. Oh, and I just wanted to show off his "I'm so happy Momma is holding me" smile.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Woody- One Month

I attempted to take photos on Woody's one month birthday. Hilarious. 99% look like this...

Here is the problem with taking pictures of Woody.

  • Usually, if he is awake, he is crying. I dare not risk taking a picture while he is sleeping. So all of these pictures he is crying/in between cries.
  • He has no head control, so I couldn't exactly get him to sit up. 
  • His outfit (that I had already removed the tags from) was too tight around his neck. Therefore, the top button is undone.
We tried.

I put on the hat to humor myself. I didn't begin to cover his head. And guess what? He cried.

Sensing my frustration, Woody became very still and held this awkward pose-

Over. It.

Almost a smile?

Woody let his feelings about his outfit be known by pooping on it. So I stripped him down to his favorite outfit, his birthday suit.

And I leave you with my favorite picture. My Pumpkin Head :)

Woody Facts

  • I am not sure on his weight, will find out tomorrow!
  • Diaper Size: 1
  • Clothing Size: Mostly 3 mo, but he is a 6 mo in brands that run small. He never fit in newborn :(
  • Sleep: HA! We get it when we can? Some nights, he has slept almost five hours straight! Most nights though are a different story. Usually he naps during the day for an hour to an hour and a half. He mostly sleeps in his crib upstairs, but occasionally will take a snooze in the Pack-n-Play or bouncy seat downstairs. 
  • He is grumpiest in the late afternoon/early evening. 
  • We are working on a eat/play/sleep schedule. However, sometimes Woody likes to mix things up on us.
  • His hair is lightening up...and falling out. He is pretty bald on the top, with hair on the side.
  • He hated his first real bath (surprise!), but has been doing better with them.
  • He has learned to stick out his bottom lip when he is upset.
  • If you kiss him on the lips, he will smile.
  • He usually takes one bottle a day of pumped milk- trying to get him used to it when I go back to work. These rest of the time it's straight from Momma.
  • He likes to be outside- either being pushed in the BOB or in the Baby Bjorn.
  • Lucy usually ignores Woody, but sometimes she likes to give him a little kiss on the legs. This really irritates Woody.
  • My nicknames for him: Sir Cheeks (sweet Woody), Mini Monster (angry Woody), Pumpkin Head (funny Woody), Little Man (what Husband calls him)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Teach Chic?

Like I said yesterday, I am maternity leave until October. Teach

Oh, and there is nothing chic about me. Chic

But I am not ready to change the name of this blog to Mommy Sloppy. I refuse.

I was able to get out twice this past weekend. While picking up a gift, I decided to slip into the mall to begin trying on new fall options (you  know, trying to get the chic back into my life.) Depressing. Time to strap Woody into his spaceship (aka the Bob) and hit the hills. (And maybe put down the cake.)

Speaking of Lucy, you maybe wondering where Winnie is. Well, when I ended up having a c-section, the Big Harvards took both dogs home with them. Lucy came back two weeks ago, but because of Winnie's large size (walking her is very difficult, especially when recovering from a c-section), she has been chilling in Big Harvards' pool. (Big, no, HUGE thank you!!) She will be joining us once our back yard fence is in. We miss her very much.

Today, Woody is ONE MONTH! We will be doing a one month photo session today (which Woody will definitely corporate during....) Here are some Woody pics during his first month (on my phone. Honestly, don't even know where my actual camera is. Must find today.)

"Eh, Mom, you aren't allowed to not hold me."

At Mom's doctor's appointment.

 Typical 2:00 am mood

A first! A picture where he is not crying or sleeping! He loves his activity mat...

...Lucy is not impressed with this accomplishment... she decided to play with her brother. Cue crying. Thanks Lucy

Monday, August 13, 2012

First Day of School

But not for me! I am at home with this little boy...

(Sorry for the blurry picture, but he look so cute! And he's not crying in it.)

Oddly enough, I was wide awake at 5:00 am. Not for a feeding, but thinking about school. I had to remind myself to save those jitters until October 1 (when I go back.) And speaking of going back to school, I won't be going back full-time. I was very fortunate to get a part-time position and will be working from 7-11:15 am. 

For my friends going back today, I thought I would share this cartoon...

(And yes, I was able to write this post this morning because Woody slept well last night!! Went to bed at 11, woke up at 4:30, then 7:30. Yay Woody!)

Friday, August 10, 2012

I Know Nothing

I had planned on a post about my favorite baby products thus far, and how they helped me survive the first month. Turns out, I know nothing and my survival skills are limited. I deleted the post. My life is being run by a 9ish lb bowling ball named Mini Monster...

I love you, Woody.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Maddox!

On Sunday, my oldest niece, Maddox, turned eight. I cannot believe it was eight years ago that we waited at the hospital to meet the first grandchild. I was one week away from leaving for college. I (reluctantly) passed on the title of  "The Baby" to an actual baby. Over the years, I have watched Maddox grow up and turn into an awesome kid. I love how she is so picky with her clothes (she is definitely over dressing like her younger sister) and is more than willing to express her opinion. However, her kind heart is what I love the most.

Maddox has been saving her allowance for several weeks. We were all impressed/surprised that she hadn't blown it on junk...or an outfit that is not "frumpy." My mom took her to Target to spend her money. Instead of buying something for herself, she decided to pick out a present for Baby Woody- and wrapped it herself. I don't know many eight-year-olds that are that selfless. My prayer is that she holds strong to that sweet and giving spirit for the rest of life.

Happy Birthday Maddox!!
Love, Aunt Lindsey, Uncle Brooks, and Baby Woody

Monday, August 6, 2012

Claudia Gets Married!

Let me catch up on life...

Baby Woody has been keeping his momma busy. Someone is little demanding and prefers to be held most of the day. However, this weekend was exactly what I needed. I slipped in a quick trip to Target and a special little boy's birthday party. Saturday night I relaxed with some good friends who gave up a night out to spend a night in with our family. And Sunday, my own momma assured me that yes, many babies cry...a lot. However, I couldn't shake where I was supposed to be this weekend...

With this couple...

Because they were doing this...

(Although, I am sure the people on the plane appreciate that I did not fly with a three week old who loves to eat and tends to scream when he is not getting to do so)

Claudia and I met my freshman year. We were in the same pledge class, but when you go to a school where your pledge classes are over 50 members, it is difficult to become BFF with everyone. We were sharing a ride back from a pledge party, when the other girls in the car discovered that the only other Claudia we had ever heard of was from the Babysitter's Club. 

I had also never met anyone who could carry on complete conversations in abbreviations...

Or someone who could tell you what animal you resembled, thus founding the famous "Claudia's Creatures"...

Or someone who always had the perfect finishing touch jewelry to lend for a big date...

Or someone who always had their door open, ready to listen to your problems, or join you for a night out...

Someone who had one of the kindest and generous hearts I had ever met...

Kentucky Derby Party
(Claudia, Anna, Me)

Derby Days- Sophomore Year...ah, jean skirts
(Me, Claudia, Anna)

Our Last Crawfish Party
(Me, Hylan, Claudia, Emily, Ana)

Our Last Night in Tuscaloosa
(Hylan, Me, Kathleen, Claudia)

When Claudia and I decided to have a little fun with our costumes for the Aristocrats Party
(???, Kathleen, Me, Claudia, Jimmy)

And now, Claudia is all grown up. She chased her dream and opened her own business, Elegant Ensembles. She is an image consultant and my go-to for tricky fashion questions. She knows her stuff people.

(Sorry Claud, totally stole this pic from your site)

And she is marrying (well, she is married now) an incredible man. Erik is the perfect match for her. Claudia, I  am still beyond depressed that I had to miss your special day. I love you and wish you a lifetime of  love and happiness!

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