Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Time is on my side

Style.com just did an article on great new watches. You can read it here.

Now for some fun watches on a teacher's budget. I love love love my the Formula 1 that Husband gave me for our first anniversary.


My favorite things about it are the chunky band and the bling around the face. However, sometimes I need some gold or color in my life. With all these watches $50 or under, I can afford to have them all! (Just Kidding!)

Forever21 diamond watch
$24 - canada.forever21.com

Pink watch
$30 - bakersshoes.com

XOXO rhinestone jewelry
$20 - endless.com

Golden Classic jelly watch
$20 - endless.com

Chronograph watch
$25 - overstock.com

Sekonda face watch
30 GBP - debenhams.com

Link watch
$35 - bakersshoes.com

Rhinestone watch
$42 - gojane.com

Link watch
$35 - bakersshoes.com

$25 - alloy.com

Golden Classic white watch
$20 - endless.com

Logo watch
$30 - macys.com

Logos jewelry
$30 - macys.com

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