Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dark Days

In the teaching world, CRCT week is some dark days.

Days in which you make sure now more than ever, you got enough sleep and ate breakfast.

Days where bite your nails waiting for 8:00 and  the announcement "Testing has Begun."

Days where your hope that 1/2 of all the content taught is retained.

Days where you pray for sunny weather so that you can at least have some recess.

Nights where you stay up wondering and worrying about tomorrow's test.

Oh, did I mention, these are the teachers?! We are supposed to maintain a calm demeanor, so that our students do not become stressed. Easier said than done. The bad part is, things don't get better after May 3rd (last day of testing). Then, we stress about scores coming in, who passes, who didn't, who needs to retake it, etc..

Don't be surprised if I end up with hives, shingles, or adult obesity (from the Easter candy I have been inhaling as a comfort food) at the end of this.

To add a little more on top, I have two papers and a portfolio due for grad school. I wish they graded me in procrastination, because for that, I would earn an A+. I told Husband that I just planned on staying after school to work on grad school and lesson plans, and what am I doing- WRITING THIS BLOG! (Yes, I write my blogs the day/night before.)

And, it is a nasty storm outside...
Weather 001
Don't I have nice windows? And yes, a student gave me a doll (her name is Naomi) with clothes that she made for her. I like to talk to Naomi during stressful times.

I am bound and determined to get something accomplished today. Sorry for nothing fashionable- I am doing fantastic to get out the house fully clothed this week. 

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