Monday, January 28, 2013

Woody's First Park Swing

Now that Woody has mastered the whole sitting up thing, I was excited to take him to the swings at the park. MLK day was so nice outside, so Jessica and I loaded the boys up for some thrilling times.



Limp Noodles

Woody, I hope you had a marvelous time. I may not have documented your first Christmas, but I have fifty pictures of your unimpressed self swinging.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Home Goods Finds

I really enjoyed having the whole day off on Monday. Woody and I ventured across the street to Home Goods, where I found so many amazing things, I decided to make a Valentine's Day know, just in case :)

How cute are these number baskets? So perfect for Woody's room.

I don't need these, as I already have a lot going on in my living room without purple velvet chevron pillows. Perfect if you need some zhush. (I am zhushed-out.) 

Such a great chair for $200! I would paint the legs white, but easy fix.

I am really falling in love with all things brass

So perfect for a casual table. 

Forget the fact that I have a queen (not a king) bed and brown and cream linen bedding (pretty much the exact opposite of these sheets), but I seriously almost came home with these.

And onto things not Home Goods related, Woody was practicing his rolling (over) skills and landed on Lucy.Luckily, she was cool with him hanging on her.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Seat Taken

Brooks and I have been married almost 4.5 years, and I never even touched our fine china.

And then one day, I asked myself, "Why not?" So it is now out- 24/7. It makes me feel like we are about to have a dinner party.

I love my china in all its navy + silver color. I love my pattern, especially pairing other bold colors with it. There is still some tweaking going on with the table setting, but I thought I would share some of my favorite inspiration photos.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Woody- Six Months

I apologize in advance for the worst pictures ever. I made the mistake of scheduling Woody's six month doctor's appointment and his six month birthday. He didn't get a good nap, had to get four shots, and is finally cutting a tooth. The end result was a tired and ticked off baby covered in drool. These were the best of bad.

Since six months is a big deal, I am going to try to get some better pictures of him this weekend.

Best Friends!

I left his band-aids on him for pity points.

The closest thing I was getting to a smile.

Woody Facts
  • Weighs 20 lbs and in 27 inches long- 90th percentile for both
  • Diaper Size: 3
  • Clothing: 9 month
  • Sleep: Usually goes to bed between 7:00-8:00 (sometimes we stay up to say goodnight to Daddy.) Most nights he will sleep until 5:00 am, wake up for a feeding, and go back to sleep until Brooks leaves for work. His morning nap lasts somewhere from 1-1.5 hours, an afternoon nap between 2-3 hours, and a late afternoon catnap, which is usually not longer than an hour.
  • Eat: I am still nursing, and he eats every 3.5-4 hours. Since starting solids, he has now had rice cereal, sweet potatoes, avocados, and peas. He likes everything so far! He has been only eating solids once a day, but I am going to begin giving him a fruit for breakfast, and then try to move him to three solids a day. I am making his baby food, and it is actually quite easy. We have a NutriBullet, so I can make a lot and freeze it. The whole process makes me feel quite domestic. I may not can cook, but I can puree!
  • At his doctor's appointment, we saw that he has a teeny tiny white dot coming up. That is right, first tooth!
  • His hair is starting to come in more. It is long in the front, but the back is short and sticks straight up a la Kate Gosselin.
  • He can sit up on his own. He still lends forward on his hands for support.
  • Woody also tend to be a bit bashful. Sometimes when you talk to him, he will smile and hide his face. (It is soooooo cute!)
  • He got several VTech toys for Christmas and really likes them. However, his favorite toy will always be Lucy. I am so proud of how well Lucy has adjusted to Woody. I can't wait to get Winnie back with us too.
  • He prefers not to be rocked :( At night, I just put him in his crib, and he talks himself to sleep. 
  • It is annoying, but he needs lots of loud white noise to sleep. I try to just turn his sound machine on, but sometimes he wakes up around 10:00 and can't go back to sleep. As a result, I usually give in and turn on SootherSeal on the iPad. Yep, $400 sound machine.
  • He had a busy past month. Woody dressed up as an elf for a Tacky Sweater party.
  • For Christmas, we traveled to Alabama...
  • ...and to Florida to see my parents' new beach place. It was too windy to take Woody down to the water though.
  • He got dressed up for New Year's and was such a gentleman during dinner. Since he was behaving so well, we were so excited to get to go by our friends' NYE party. That is when we realized it was 8:45.... wah wah. 
  • We did get to go to the Kimmeys' Annual New Year's Day party though!
  • Woody enjoyed his first National Championship outside the womb. It was also his first and last time at  a Tilted Kilt (thanks to no cable or tables at Taco Mac.)
Happy Six Months Pumpkin Head! I could just eat you up!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Get It Done.

One of my favorite things about Woody (besides his incredibly precious cheeks), is that while he was in utero, I think he made me a million times more productive than I ever was before. Some people call it nesting, and then they are exhausted, but I still have it. I have been making the most out of these bursts of energy with simple (and cheap/free) projects.

In the summer, I revamped my sofa table and jewelry cabinet. I guess these are my favorite things to change because they are small and simple.

$20 Target Desk

Summer: Gold Legs + Striped Table

After: Greek Key! And linen hampers baskets to store blankets and Woody's toys.

Total Cost: $4.00 of paint and $6.00 for painter's tape
(I already had the gold and baskets were a gift from Momma)

Reba was sporting pearls for the New Year and is having trouble parting with them

Jewelry Cabinet Before:

Painted w/ Contact Paper

New Skirt Table! Made with my old shower curtain!! (And needs to be ironed...)

Total Cost: Free!!!

This was a painting we received when the owner was throwing it out. It just wasn't our style. I painted over it, and this was the end result.

Total Cost: Free! I already had all these colors!

I made colorful new place-mats from my most favorite fabric ever. I trimmed it out in emerald ribbon (Hello color of the year! I am quite fond of you.) I would like new napkins, but haven't found what I really want.

Total Cost: $3.00 ribbon 
(Already had fabric)

And, I am still working on Woody's new bathroom, but here is a sneak peek!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Last night, my beloved, University of Alabama went on to win its 15th National Championship. I couldn't be prouder of or more excited for my school. (Only slightly bitter I was there during the Shula-era. Sheesh.)

The story of us watching the game last night is pretty comical. We don't have cable, so we were left with a questionable restaurant, where Hubs proceeded to make friends with two 300 lb men that he invited to sit with us. "Us" including our sleeping baby. Whatevs.

Because Alabama is Alabama, and Alabama is going to win! Roll Tide Roll.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Friday, January 4, 2013

Woody's First Chirstmas

  • 4 adorable Christmas outfits
  • 3 states
  • 2 sets of family
  • 1 week away
  • 0 pictures
I am pretty sure I just made it into one of that "Worst Moms Ever" book. We packed the big camera and video camera, but only the video camera was used. (So thankful we at least have video.) Since I have no pictures, I stole some from Sister's blog.

Woody with his cousins (Jake, Woody, Maddox, and Marrell)

Opening presents with Nana. So exciting.

He was much happier with eating. Next to my mom is my grandmother, Helen Woodfin Hollon- where Woody's first name comes from.

On his way to church. Under that cardigan was an adorable smocked nativity outfit. Sigh.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year's Resolution(s)

I honestly had a real laundry list of resolutions for the new year. However, on Sunday, we heard a sermon that scaled me down to two things.

(1) Grow closer in my relationship with God. I want to rely more on His plan, than my own, and instead of just doing what I think is right, actually try listening.

(2) Do more for others than myself. Think of myself less, not less of myself. I have Luke 12:48- To whom much is given, much will be required- in my kitchen. I need start living this way.

I feel now that I have written this for you to see, you can hold me accountable for how I spend me free time.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy Birthday Jake!

I am back! There are two more days until I have to go back to work, and I am trying to finish a few last minute projects around the house.

I have to share that this little man turned four on Christmas Eve...

My sweet nephew, Jake, is such a blessing to our  family. It is hard to believe that four years ago I got a call a little after 11:00 pm on Christmas Eve letting me know Sister was in labor...four weeks early. Luckily, both were perfectly healthy. 

My favorite thing about him is the way he well as the prevalence of his chatter. I have never heard a four year old talk in such detail. Jake also has such a kind heart. He cares about other people and their feelings. I hope my own son shares this quality with his cousin. I love you Jake! Happy Birthday!!

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