Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Favorite Baby Products...So Far

Before I had Woody, I would stalk people's favorite baby products. I had made my own favorite list after a month, but scratched it when one night Woody decided to scream from the hours of 12:00-4:00 am- figuring that I was clueless on what worked. However, now that we have been together for 3.5 months, I feel confident in presenting my list of My Favorite Baby Products...So Far.

(1)Medela Pump In Style- If you are going back to work, or plan on being away from your baby ever, a good pump is a must. This one gets the job done fast. Thank you Sister!/ (2) Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier- Sometimes you need to get stuff done. Sometimes baby wants to be held. Done. Done. This has completely changed how I grocery shop./ (3) The Miracle Blanket- Swaddling for Dummies. For the colder winter months, I like this one too./ (4) BOB Revolution- Best jogging/outdoor stroller.We got the infant adapter so we could use it when Woody was a tiny baby and had no head control./ (5) Benbini- The ultimate Mom watch. It helps you keep track of all those diapers, feedings, and "What side am I on?" And if you think that you can remember those things, you are wrong. Babies suck the brains out of you./ (6) Joovy Scooter- My big/little stroller. It is smaller than the BOB, but has tons of storage. I also like that the sun shade is massive. It wasn't that expensive, and I just like the way it looks. It doesn't lay completely flat, but is really close (eh, Mom of the Year?) I got it when Woody was about six weeks and have used it with this./ (7) Little Tummys Gas Relief Drops- I love this stuff to relieve Woody's belly. Apparently, you shouldn't drink 15 Diet Cokes a day while breastfeeding (kidding...sorta.)You don't have to use much at all (as opposed to Gripe Water), and it works instantly./ (8) Nursery Critter Wraps- Most baby towels are super thin, but I loved the warmth and thickness of these. And Woody makes the best blue elephant ever./ (9) Boon Grass Countertop Drying Rack- If you have to have one, might as well get one that looks cool. You can actually fit a lot on it too, without taking up that much space.

Well, there is my list. I would love to hear other suggestions on things to make my life easier!(Also, if I was being completely honest, I would have my mother's, mother-in-law's, and sister's faces on here, because they were the biggest help ever and have contemplated moving them in with us. Seriously.)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Parking Lot

Like I said yesterday- I wanted a patch.

I got a parking lot.

Whatever. I got to dress Pumpkin Head like a pumpkin and take pictures with a pumpkin.

As you can see in the background, the farm and hayrides were absent

Monday, October 22, 2012

Teething, Bad Outfits, Football, and Pumpkin Fails

On Monday I had a happy boy...

Then Tuesday came with some painful gums. We needed lots of cuddles. And the loss of pants.

And then came misery.

Teething Tablets helped a bit.

Absolutely not, Brooks...
(Cannot believe I am posting this for the world to see)

It is Daddy's job to dress him in the morning...

My cousin, Bob's, daughter, Morgan, was in her school's homecoming court. Woody was in the midst of his teething terror, so we just stayed for halftime. 

Poor Guy. He was much happier to get back in the car and go to sleep.

Okay, I have been dying to take Woody to a pumpkin patch...a real pumpkin patch. The one I wanted to go to was a 45+ minute drive, so Brooks quickly vetoed that idea. We compromised by taking him to a local "Parking Lot" Pumpkin Patch a mile down the road. We walked down there Saturday, only to realize we had no wallet. Don't worry though, we went back on Sunday.

Sunday Night Football

Tomorrow I will post his pictures from the Parking Lot Pumpkin Patch! 
(I know you won't be able to sleep waiting for it!)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall Inspiration...Thank You Pinterest

What did I do before Pinterest? I don't know Lindsey, maybe were a productive citizen? I love to find inspiration of what to wear, especially to work. The best is when I realize that I have similar pieces already in my closet. Here are some of my favorites...

Bright Color Combos and Buffalo Check

Colored Denim

Maxi Skirt with Casual Tee

Mixing Prints

Faux Fur and Bright Lips

The Perfect Military Blazer with a Bright Accessory

Monday, October 15, 2012

Woody- Three Months

"Boo-yah. I'm three months, yo."

(Yes, the changing pad has been updated. Bummer for my comparison photos.)

Look at his creases on his belly! 

Woody Facts

  • We don't go to the doctor this month, but he is over 15 lbs. I would say if he isn't 16 lbs, then he is very close. Well. Feed.
  • Diaper Size: 2
  • Clothing: 6 months. As I prepare for Woody's holiday wardrobe, I have been looking for 9 mo.
  • Sleep: Has started taking fewer, but longer naps. The best is when he takes a long nap after work, from around noon-2:00 or 3:00 pm. It gives me time to eat lunch, do some chores, and take a quick snooze too. Woody usually, goes to bed between 8:00-9:00 pm, wakes around 2:00 am for a feeding, and then 6:00 am. I can usually get him to go back to bed until Brooks leaves for work at 7:30. Sometimes Woody skips the 2:00 am feeding, and sometimes (like last week) we decides to wake every 2-3 hours. 
  • Eats every three hours. When he gets a bottle, he takes around 5 oz (sometimes more, sometimes less.)
  • I went back to work on October 1. Woody has been doing really well with his new schedule. I love that when I pick him up, he is so happy. I am also thankful that I only spend a few hours away from him a day.
  • He laughs all the time. If you smile at him, he smiles back. 
  • His favorite person? Me, duh.
  • He is so happy the majority of the time. He only gets fussy if he is really tired or hungry.
  • First Crush! Her name is ceiling fan. Woody finds her beautiful.
  • He likes TV a lot. Whoops. And because my child is a genius, he already laughs at the funny parts.
  • Woody is scared of the dark. If we are on a walk, and the sun goes down, he has a major meltdown.
  • We took Woody to the church nursery for the first time! He has now been twice and done really well. Positive he was voted class favorite. 
  • I love to watch Woody and Brooks sing together. They have an odd collection of songs that Woody really likes. His all time favorite is Moves Like Jagger. Seriously.
This was taken by Woody's Papa today before church:

Fam Jam!

Friday, October 12, 2012

I Need a Nap...and a Diet Coke, but I will settle for Peplum

The week before I went to work, my son was sleeping through the night. Not every night, but 3-4 times a week. My first week back, he decided to bring back his 2:00am feeding every night. This week, he has woken up at 12:00am and 3:00am for some "Hi, Mom!" time. That combined with a 5:00am wake-up time for this Momma is making for one draggy lady.

Oh, and carbonated beverages upset my dear son's sensitive belly. Diet Coke

On a fashion note (because where have they been lately), I was very excited to wear my new peplum top to work this week.

(Not me...)

I had some gift cards that I had been saving to dress my, no longer pregnant, but 10 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight body. Peplum hides muffin top like you wouldn't believe!

The top is from Zara, and it makes me oh, so happy. It will be making many appearances this fall.

Happy Friday! Can't wait to post Woody's THREE MONTH pictures Monday. (Try to hold in your excitement.)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Weekend Pictures

Ready to run errands...and once again, a hat is needed. Woody was less than thrilled.

Getting ready for church

Really from last week, but some sweet kisses from my sweet boy

Monday, October 8, 2012

I forgot the picture...

We went for an evening stroll Saturday night. It was a bit chilly, so Woody tested out one of his new jackets. So cute!

Week One Back

I had a great first week back. Like, really good. I love my co-workers and students. Oh, and I really love leaving before noon :) Woody is adjusting well too. I can't get enough of his huge smile when I pick him up!
There was one little mishap with some paperwork, but (hopefully) it has been resolved. Momma had to take a break of caring for Woody to care for me...

Thank you Momma for keeping Woody my first few days back, Husband for always checking up on me, my co-workers for making work worth returning to, and everyone who said a prayer for me- I felt them.

Favorite teaching story of the week? (Names have been changed to protect the innocent-ish.)

Me: "Joel" please remember to keep your hands in your lap.
"Joel": You have the most beautiful name.
(I give him a look as to say, "Sucking up doesn't work with me.)
"Joel": You're supposed to say thank you.

Love it.
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