Thursday, June 30, 2011

4th of July

WHAT!?! Today is the last day of June?!?!?!

(Anybody else screaming this {mentally of course-weirdo} too?)

A friend of mine reminded me that in a little over a month we are going to have pre-planning for school. Depressed.

My pick-me-up is that it is almost 4th of July Weekend, and I am going here...

Image courtesy of Toxaway Weather


Husband and I are joining our dear friends, The Kimmeys, as well as four other friends at the Kimmey's lakehouse on Lake Toxaway.

(Don't worry friends, I have secured a life vest.)

I love the 4th of July.... I mean, it might even beat out Cinco de Mayo as one of my favorite holidays. My favorite things about the 4th? Well....
  • Hotdogs- top five favorite foods
  • Fireworks- I get to show Husband my mad bottle rocket skills/ he is reassured that I actually DID grow up on a farm where fireworks are 100% legal
  • Red Pedicures- How else do you say God Bless America?
  • Lee Greenwood CD- no explanation needed
  • 3Day Weekend- I love my summer job, but extra time off is always a plus
  • New Outfit New Outfit- still working on this one
  • Endless chanting of "USA.USA."

Don't get caught wearing this...

Image courtesy of Chic Stories

Take some of my suggestions. Even sweeter? These entire outfits are under $100! (More money for fireworks)

4th of July

Eyelet dress
$35 -

TopShop striped tank
$36 -

Zara wedge shoes
$30 -

Blowfish shoes
$25 -

Nautical jewelry
$15 -

Old Navy straw fedora hat
$11 -

Heart shaped sunglasses
$14 -

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sheridan French Giveaway

As stated previously, I have a slight obsession with Sheridan French. (Oh, you missed it? Read my love fest here.)

I found out about Ms. French during her first giveaway. (And, saddest day ever, I didn't win.) Now, she is doing another giveaway. (Sigh, so generous.) I debated posting about it, because honestly, I am trying to eliminate the competition. However, I will spread the news in support of one of my favorite designers.

Courtesy of Sheridan French

This is the dress I want. It is called the Neve Dress in Bali Blue. Don't you just love it? I feel it could be life-changing.

Oh, so you still want to enter too... Well, go HERE. (If you win, you need to share!)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Typical Friday/Saturday night in the Harvard House:

Husband: Lindsey, we need to leave in ten minutes
Me: Ugh, I'm almost ready, help me find something to wear!
Husband: I think you look great in ::holds up a random item of clothing that he can remember me wearing and looking somewhat decent in::
Me: Arrrghhh, I wear that ALL the time.
<Awkward Pause>
Me: Will you go to ::insert store:: and buy me ::insert item::?
Husband: No.
(Disclaimer! Once, he did! And even got them right top! Way to go, Husband!)

Does this sound familiar? (Please say yes, so I feel less pathetic.) I hate wearing the same thing, but the reality is that we simply cannot afford a new outfit (or two) for every weekend. What's a girl to do? (And, no, I cannot move closer to home and hope that Mom will feel sorry for me and buy me something.)


Blair from Atlantic- Pacific 

She reuses pieces of clothing, so it always feels like a completely new outfit. I also adore how she isn't afraid to play with prints and colors. I included just a few of my favorites...

Silk Print Blouse

Floral Sundress

My fav, DVF dress

All photos courtesy of Atlantic-Pacific

Go check it out for yourself! (Beware: Give yourself two many hours)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend In Review

Happy Monday!!

Why am I so happy on a Monday? Because it is summer. Summer (somehow) makes Mondays 94% better.

How did I spend me weekend?

Friday? I slept.

Saturday. I was productive. I went on a walk. I ran errands. I celebrated my friend's, Allison's, birthday.

The Birthday Girl and me

Oh! Let me introduce you to my husband. Some call him, "awkward."

My favorite twins
Everyone loves a group pic... minus the boys
Sunday night, Husband and I attended a shower to celebrate the upcoming nuptials to Alex and Susannah. Upon arrival, we had to write words of wisdom to the bride and groom on plates. Husband got creative...

You got nothin' on me, Chris


Mrs. Sangster did a great job decorating

Newlywed Game...always entertaining

I feel that Alex's expression truly portrays how exciting china is

With the B2B (um, hello, bride to be) and Tippi...and, toilet?

I hope you had a great weekend too!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Awww Shucks

My cute shorts are out of stock now :(

Spirit Lifter? Zara is having a SALE too!

I love.

Deal of the Day

As my dear friend, Bethany, posted yesterday, Topshop is having their summer sale! AHHH!

I was so excited about the news, and began browsing their amazing items, when I found these...
I cannot explain how obsessed I am with these shorts. I looove dressing up shorts with a nice, tucked in blouse and wedges. The best part about them though? They are $40 off their original price! Only $36!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Angry Bird...Literally

Courtesy of Give and Date
Scariest. Day. Ever.

I hate birds. No, correction, I hate anything that can fly. I would be in a room of snakes or spiders before a room of winged creatures. I thank my mother for the phobia. 

Yesterday, I was walking the dogs when I heard a chirping that was too close for comfort. I looked down to find a bird, with a broken wing. Aw, that is sad- I thought, and kept walking. I came inside, and continued to hear the bird. My head said- Lindsey, that is an awful, terrible bird that will certainly peck your eyes out. My heart said-

So I decided to embrace all God's creatures and went out with a slice of bread. I mean, there was no way I was going to touch the bird, but I could at least make sure he had dinner. Just as I am tearing and tossing (at a good distance) the bread, and just as I am thinking of ALL the good karma I am going to have, the fallen soldier's bird friend swoops down and steals the bread from me! Right out of my hand!

Last time I help a feathered friend animal. Ever.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy 100th

I resolve to look at things through rose colored glasses...

Happy 100th Post Teach Chic!

I read on Sweet Nothings my new favorite quote-
Keep your head, heels, and standards high.
The No. 8 Rule of  a Lady

I intend to :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Alice and Olivia Look for Less

A little Tuesday inspiration....

Alice and Olivia Look for Less

Oasis cotton tee
£22 -

Leather skirt
$298 -

TopShop cotton mini skirt
$45 -

Kenneth Cole turquoise jewelry
$35 -

ASOS leopard print belt
$11 -

Miss Selfridge umbrella
£10 -

UO vintage oversized sunglasses
$6.98 -

Monday, June 20, 2011

Calypso St. Barth Sample Sale

Calypso St. Barth takes the cake for beach-ready perfection. However, if you are living on a teacher's salary, keep on walking. Recently, they did w wonderful collaboration with Target, which made it much more accessible. If you live near a Target like mine, it went fast!

Now, here is your chance to score some more pieces from Calypso St. Barth...without breaking the bank. CSB is offering an additional 50% off their sale items with the code: SAMPLESALE at checkout.

Here are some of my favorites:

Trench Dress- Originally $275, Sale Price $99, With discount code $49.50

Tie Dye Dress- Originally $295, Sale Price $49, With discount code $24.50

Oaxaca Tunic - Originally $225, Sale Price $69, With discount code $34.50

Rope Embroidered Tunic- Originally $135, Sale Price $49, With discount code $24.50

Hadara Lace Tee- Originally $95, Sale Price $49, With discount code $24.50

Paola Skirt- Originally $135, Sale Price $49, With discount code $24.50

Elba Skirt- Originally $135, Sale Price $29, With discount code $14.50

Happy Shopping!
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