Thursday, April 28, 2011

Designer Crush...

...on Sheridan French. Why?
  • Becasue her collection makes me smile and smile and smile
  • Because Sheridan French is the cutest name ever
  • Because I found her from one of my all time favorite blogs, Elements of Style
  • Because she is a mom, but doesn't dress like one (mad respect)
  • Because she wears a bicycle necklace (like me!)
  • Because she did a Spring Giveaway with one dress from her amazing collection
  • Because even though I did not win (saddest. day. ever.), she took the time to thank me for trying

  • Because I made a list of all her items I want need for summer
  • Because I knew you would love her as much as I do :)
All photos courtesy of Sheridan French's blog The Southern Electric

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