Thursday, March 31, 2011


I worked really hard to create looks for my imaginary Spring Break trip, but Polyvore is being a big brat. Posty on that later, because I was going to look very chic as I pretended to lie on a beach.

TAKE ME HERE! (Photo courtesy of Beautiful Island)

I all actuality, this is what I will be doing...
Photo courtesy of CoffeenSweets

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Elephants and Bikes

They are my favorite. Oringinally, I wanted to name this blog "Elephants on Bikes," but you don't really think of style/teaching when you think of those things. Everyday, I wear either an elephant or a bicycle somewhere on me. It's my students favorite to try and find where. I would not dare show up to school without one or the other on.

Why are these my favorite? Roll Tide. Go here if you have no idea about what I am talking about. It is a tradition I stole from my Aunt Sue, and now proudly call me own. My bicycles came a little later on. Husband rides bicycles...a lot. He currently has three. (Did I mention that we do not have a garage, so the bikes live inside? Fantastic.) One of my favorite memories from college of him was when he wore his bicycle kit to a "Biker Babe" swap. Wearing a bicycle makes me feel close to him.

My elephant from Monday...


Some more of my favorites...


I love the chain detail.


My friend, Tippi, gave me these for Christmas...


Last summer, we were at an outdoor festival, and it was 93,400 degrees. I went inside a close-by boutique to enjoy some AC. I felt guilty for loitering, so I bought this...

Husband's grandmother gave this one to me...



Complete with Lucy's hair. Story of my life.


I do not have, but feel that I need...

And it's not just me! Some of my favorites have been sporting elephants and bicycles.

Like Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere...


And my newest designer crush, Sheridan French...


Look close, I spy an elephant ring on Taylor from SterlingStyle...



Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Let's Get Physical!

I really don't think I need buns of steel. I'd be happy with buns of cinnamon. -Ellen DeGeneres

I hate exercise... right now. Sometimes I lie and say things like, "Man I feel AWESOME after that workout," but it is a lie people. I feel awful after a workout. I am sweaty and I hurt... a lot. Currently I am training (I use the word training lightly.... very lightly) for a 1/2 marathon at the end of April. When I first started training last summer, I thought that maybe I could learn to love running. NOPE! It is March, and I am in the biggest running slump I have ever been in. I am considering walking this 1/2. I am walking for a Cure for Rabies.

Part of my "training" consists of playing Ultimate Frisbee every Sunday. My strategy is to run a lot to begin with (after all, I am training), but then I just stand in the end zone and cross my fingers to catch a long throw. I don't do defense.

Where am I going with this story? I need more attractive work out clothes (for my training!) I usually wear Under Armour tights and some form of a huge t-shirt. My friends found some really cute tops on sale at the Gap.




Then there was this one...
All photos courtesy of

No Gap. You cannot wear A-Symmetrical tops while working out. Can we say wardrobe malfunction?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Way to go Wal-Mart!

Morning! I hope you had a great weekend, despite the YUCK weather. You know you had a great weekend when you play two games of LIFE until three in the morning... it happens.

Recently, my mother called me to tell me to visit one of our favorite blogs- Fly Through Our Window. It's author, Darby, had found this delightful, little Norma Kamali dress at Wal-Mart for $18.00. I was very impressed with this dress, so I decided to take a little journey to, to look for myself.

I liked what I saw...




You know my feelings on animal print...


Oh, how I want to buy you and wear you with a hot pink cardigan...






Go see for yourself!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

I Love My Dogs, Coincidence, Deal of the Day

doA proud mom has to show off sometimes...



Husband took these pictures of Winnie and Lucy. I love them so much, it hurts.

Time for awkward transition #1. As you probably know, Elizabeth Taylor passed away on Wednesday. Now look at my daily calendar message on Thursday...
Liz Taylor

What a weird coincidence.

Awkward transistion #2- IT'S FRIDAY! To celebrate, Friday's Deal of the Day. My mom love Kohl's. Usually, we do not agree with clothes (I won't go into a recent tennis shoe conversation we had), but I love Kohl's too. I am such a fan of designer collaborations. These lace-up booties are from Vera Wang's Simply Vera line. They are on SALE for $29.99 (originally $79.99.) YAY! ENJOY!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Maxi

There are few things that I love more in the spring than a maxi dress. They keep you cool, but add a little bit of modesty. They are multi-purpose for teachers, because we can wear them to school with a cardigan or denim jacket (just be sure to have it hemmed!) And, maxi dresses are easy to take into the evening with a pair of wedges and the right accessories.

How to take your maxi dress to the next level? Pair with a bold statement necklace. The bigger, the better :)

TopShop blue maxi dress
$60 -

Miss Selfridge paisley print dress
55 GBP -

Black dress
$47 -

Grey maxi dress
$43 -

Chain necklace
$60 -

Tarnish chain necklace
$34 -

Chain necklace
$20 -

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Look for Less


Love, love, love this look from Jason Wu's Spring 2011 RTW line. You know I cannot resist a big ole bow... on ANYTHING! I am also digging the black and navy combo.

Here is my look for less. If you are worried about a blazer in the summer, don't be- it's linen :) All items under $100.

Lace top
$80 -

Aryn K linen blazer
$94 -

Black wedge heels
$50 -

Dorothy Perkins envelope clutch
10 GBP -

J Crew slimmer belt
$33 -

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