Thursday, February 25, 2016

This Week's Harvard Family Blog Update

Clever blog post title, right?

Gippy has been quite the scholar lately. Here he is catching up on War and Peace...or Mike the Knight.

Woody met his new friend, Ian, last week at the park. Ian didn't speak English and Woody doesn't speak Spanish, but impressed us all with his abilities to argue and boss around a child who only responded in Spanish.

Gaines just stood to the side holding this stick. If Ian or Woody got too close, he made sure to swing it at them. His social skills are on point.

But then they were sweet to each other <3

Morning cartoon zombies in Mommy's lap

Woody had Dad's Day at school. I thought that meant that I got out of taking Woody to school, but then I remembered that Brooks no longer has a car seat in his car. Woody was ticked that he didn't get to ride in Daddy's truck, but when I informed him that he was lucky enough to ride with the mother who gained 40 pounds to bring him into this world, he stopped his whining.

 Please look at the precious photo bomber

 Woody is obsessed with magnifying glasses. He calls them a "mag-ne-nying glass." He pretends that my hand mirror is one and says he needs it to look at stuff. (And since it is a mirror, "stuff" is himself.)

I don't know what to say. 

I had a meeting on Tuesday. When it is a "MOPs Tuesday," Woody goes to gymnastics, but it was an off week, so he had to go to God's Little Garden at church. He already doesn't like it because he thinks it is for babies. He was super disappointed when we got there on Tuesday and found out that since Gaines is almost two, they would be in the same room. Gaines on the other hand was finally excited to go!

When I picked them up, Woody said, "Woody no get in trouble, Mommy. Gainsie get in lots of trouble." Hahahahaha! His teacher confirmed Woody's story. (Side note: I hope Woody never quits calling him Gainsie.)

Random Funny (to me) Stories: 

Woody loves speech classes. He calls it "Peach." Today when I went to pick him up, his teacher came to the door saying Woody needed some "encouragement" to leave. He started sobbing when he saw me and told me he didn't want to go home and only loved Miss F (his teacher.) I hate to tell him, but we just had his IEP meeting, and because he is doing so well, his speech is only going to be 30 mins per week instead of 1 hour. 

Gaines is really into blowing kisses to everyone lately. The garbage men, the dry clean lady, fast food windows, etc... It is so sweet and makes me forget how he fed an entire box of graham crackers to the dogs that gave them the worst gas for four days. 

Thursday, February 18, 2016

What We Have Been Up to Since Disney

I'm so glad I have already failed on my New Year's Resolution to be a better blogger...

Woody returned back to school. He had to miss the first three days due to Disney World. We still don't know if he is going to be right handed or left handed.

Gaines loves the fact that Woody has gone back to school. Only child for the win!

Woody likes to go to sleep with his closet light on, and then I turn it off when I go to bed. He won't sleep under his covers. I love sleep stalking him!

But when he wakes, he prefers to sit on his dad's head

 Gaines and Winnie have become the best of friends

 And Lucy doesn't need friends

It snowed and everyone (except Momma) was happy

 Everyone loves Daddy!

Woody had grandparents' day at his school. My boys are so lucky to have four amazing grandparents. IT was during the week, so Mimi and Papa couldn't make it, but Nana and Gran were there to celebrate with Woody!

Gaines has been obsessed with his leash/harness since Disney World. He really wants someone to hold the leash part and drag him around. I finally had to hide it, because we will definitely need it again when we go on vacation!

So, during our first year of marriage, Brooks and I went to Miami during my Spring Break. We didn't realize it was also during Easter. While we were at the beach on Easter Sunday, I found this rosary in the ocean. I thought it was so cool that we found it on Easter. It always hung by my mirror in our townhouse, but in the move to Patches, I thought it had been thrown away. One night, while Brooks was away on business, I was cleaning out the basement. It had been a very hard day, and I was an emotional mess. I opened a box, and there it was! I love God Winks!

(Me and Laura)
Two of my best friends are twins (Laura and Susannah), and they will be 30 the end of February. Laura's little girl will be having her first birthday the end of February, and Susannah is due with her daughter the end of February too! So Susannah surprised Laura with a surprise birthday party the end of January. It was so fun!

Some of you know that at the beginning of December, we listed our house for sale (using a company that is basically like doing For Sale By Owner.) Our intentions were to back up and head out more to the suburbs where one of Brooks's offices is. After two months, and over twenty showings, we had no offers. I felt very discouraged, because I love our house and neighborhood and didn't understand why other people didn't. Then one weekend, we made the decision that we just weren't ready to leave Patches. 

The next Monday was a beautiful day, and it was like a sign that we had made the right decision. I mean, look what is basically in our backyard!

Yep, Gaines sat in the mud

I was looking up rompers and sunsuits for Gaines when I stumbled upon this gem. I have lots of friends who are having baby girls that might need this!

The terrible Hand Foot Mouth Saga...

The first weekend in February, Gaines started acting really whiny. He wasn't sleeping well and had a runny nose and lots of drool. He had a little bit of a fever, but nothing extreme, so I figured it was a cold. On Tuesday, Woody spiked a fever, but he kept saying his throat hurt. He was really upset, so I took him to the doctor. His fever was 103 degrees, and the doctor said his throat looked infected and thought it was strep. However, the strep test came back negative. Well, when we got home, I noticed that Gaines had a slight rash on his mouth. It almost just looked like dry skin. His feet had what looked like mild acne, and he had just one spot on his hand. 

 Since Woody ran a fever on Tuesday, I kept him home on Wednesday. He was ok as long as I gave him Motrin.
(Playing on Wednesday)

(Now during this week, Lucy broke out of the yard twice! And it was super cold. Once she got into the local middle school, that was locked doors, and was roaming the halls. The second time I went looking for her, couldn't find her, came back home where she was happily waiting. Anyone want a Jack Russell Terrier?)

Wednesday night, Woody started getting a rash. However, he has really bad eczema, and it looked like an eczema outbreak. My sister had told me that if you do have HFM, there is no antibiotic for it, so I wasn't going to waste another co-pay to go in and tell me there is nothing they can give me.

No co-pay? Ha. Ha. Ha....

Thursday, Gaines smashed Woody's fingers in the door, taking the skin off. We went to CHOA, where they confirmed they were no broken, and indeed my kids had HFM. Awesome.

Woody's leg on Friday

While at the ER, I had a break down. This parenting stuff is hard. I felt like a terrible mom and that nothing was going right. I called my parents and burst into tears. They are so sweet, and told me they would be in Atlanta by the end of the day, but I sucked it up and told them I was ok.

Well, Monday Brooks was having to go out of town, and my dad didn't want me to be by myself after the previous week. So he drove to Atlanta to keep me company and help with the boys. Is that not awesome?! We had the best time, and I am so happy he is retired and can come visit more often!

And my boys are obsessed with him. The sobbed when he left!

Whew! Long post! I will try not to wait so long again. I have to go though since my kids are raiding the pantry....

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Disney Day 4- Magic Kingdom/Epcot

I got a little side tracked with my Disney update...

On the last day, we were supposed to have an early breakfast back at Chef Mickey's. However, we had realized that mornings were the best time at the MK, so we cancelled our reservations. We were able to ride a bunch of our favorites again. Brooks and I were able to sneak off and ride Space Mountain, which was a lot of fun. 

Random story, but I wanted the boys to get some Mickey ears, and Woody picked our the "Woody" ones from Toy Story (and insisted Gaines had to have the Buzz ones.) When I went to have their names in them, they couldn't put Woody's name because of copyright laws. They kept saying, "We can only put their real names." Um...his name is Woody. They even asked him his name, and he proudly said, "Woody Harvard." They still seemed nervous, so we settled on putting Woodfin.

Enjoying a Mickey Mouse cookie with their new hats

And we met Woody!

We grabbed a quick lunch at Casey's Corner and headed to Epcot. Gaines feel asleep on the monorail, but when we got to Epcot, they were blaring music for the last of the marathon runners, and it woke Gaines up. He was less than pleased. We wanted to explore the countries more, but ended up sprinting through them to buy the boys (overpriced) juice and cups. 

It was almost dinner time, but Brooks saw there was a meet Baymax from Big Hero 6. (Brooks rented this movie to watch with the boys. Only Brooks ended up watching it. Woody had no idea who Baymax was/is.) We figured that no one would be in line for this, but there was actually a decently long line. Gaines still wasn't very happy, so we decided to just go to dinner. Well, Woody started screaming, "I WANT TO SEE BAYMAX!!!!!" Brooks had already sprinted off with Gaines in the stroller, so I told Mimi and Papa we would meet them. I earned my Mother of the Year award waiting in a long line of obsessed and awkward adults to meet Baymax. Woody, I hope this made your Disney trip complete.

We ate again at the Garden Grille at Epcot. Another great dinner! Highly recommend!

Poor Mickey

Then we headed back to the hotel for lights out...

Yeah right. The boys were on Disney High, started play wrestling, and Gaines ended up with a black eye for the trip home!

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