Friday, September 18, 2015

Two for One.... Our Trip to the ER

As embarrassing as it is to recap this special night, I want my boys to one day read this and fork up the money to put me in a good home due to all the $$$ we have spent on prescriptions and ER/doctor visits. 

(This picture's purpose is so that the preview of this post is not the picture of Gaines's bloody eye.)

Two weeks ago, we went to eat at our Friday night eatery, Los Bravos. It is renowned for it's mediocre food, good prices, and non-judgement of whiny kids. Woody had a runny nose and a slight cough, so I kept him home from school. I guess if I was a good mom, I wouldn't spread his germs to innocent people, but I lost the Best Mom Award many moons ago. (And let's be honest, the enticement of cheese dip after being home with my two all day is hard to pass up.)

When we got there, Brooks (did you read that Son? Dad...not Mom) placed Gaines in the booth, but he slipped and hit the table. I heard a 'bonk,' but with Gaines, you hear 'bonk' quite often. He didn't cry too much, but when his little blonde head popped up, his eye was gushing blood. I feel like normally I don't go total bananas when the kids get hurt, but I was 99% sure his eyeball was going to fall out so I was frantic. I ran out with Gaines to the car, all while dragging a crying (and coughing) Woody who was mad that he didn't get any chips and dip. My "calm" demeanor was only intensified when Brooks said, "Let's no freak out. Let's evaluate the situation." 

Um...excuse me? Do you not see this?!? <Grandmas...skip over next picture.)

Before I go on, let me reassure you that his eyeball never fell out. We made it to the ER (for those keeping score, Gaines's third visit), and they took us to triage. That is where things got really fun. Woody was still crying about not getting his chips and dip. The more upset he got, the harder he coughed and wheezed. The nurse asked if we wanted Woody to get checked out. I informed the nurse (you know, the lady that went to college for this) that I (you know, Google MD) knew he had a cold and was just upset. She was so sweet, and asked me to check Woody in as well, because it sounded like he had pneumonia.

Now Woody, when you are considering my nursing home, I am sure this is the part where you will consider throwing me in a padded cell or a cardboard box, but I did (eventually) check you in and luckily, you did not have pneumonia.

Instead he was having an asthma attack and had bronchitis...and he had an ear infection (the cardboard box is actually looking pretty nice now.) He had to do an hour long breathing treatment, which is not easy with a three year old that is tired and hungry. Brooks stayed with him, while I went with Gaines to get a stitch put in his eye. 

And let me just take a moment to tell you of the magic that goes on at Children's Hospital of Atlanta. Everyone...the doctors, nurses, family services specialist, desk workers, name it, and that person is awesome. They are the reason why I can somewhat laugh about the night.

We finally were discharged with two steroids, Albuterol, Amoxicillin, a cream for Gaines's eye, and Motrin. 

Here is our scrapbook worthy picture from the night.


The next morning, Gaines's eye looked scary, but they had already prepared us that it would look worse before it looked better.

Next Day

5 Days Later

10 Days Later...Much Better!

But because sharing is caring, Woody gave Gaines his ear infection.
Feel free to reread whenever you feel like you are failing at parenting.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday Favorites

I need to be a better blogger, and these seems like an easy way to watch up. I have been crazy busy lately, but I am going to get back into my blog! My buddy, Lisa, introduced me to this, and so I am bumming off of her and linking up with Andrea!

1. Another Sweatshirt...

I picked up this sweatshirt at Target, and it might be the softest thing ever. I pairs well with legging and Starbucks (unless you are me, in which case it pairs well with candy bars.) And look how cute the back is!

Go get you one

2. Call Me Martha

The rest of my house is a disaster, but my sink is shining thanks to...

And believe me....some nasty things get put in that sink. Gross

3. He stole my look...

4. And I can't forget Bruiser

His eye is healing nicely. 

5. Smokey Eye, Updo

She's Everything.

But onto the smokey eye...that is not so smokey.

I found this for less than $10 and was so excited. I know there are more fancy (aka expensive) palettes, but if you are the kinda gal that gets excited over sweatshirts and cleaner, than this is for you. They make one called The Smokes for the true Sonjas out there.

Happy Friday!

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