Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Typical Friday/Saturday night in the Harvard House:

Husband: Lindsey, we need to leave in ten minutes
Me: Ugh, I'm almost ready, help me find something to wear!
Husband: I think you look great in ::holds up a random item of clothing that he can remember me wearing and looking somewhat decent in::
Me: Arrrghhh, I wear that ALL the time.
<Awkward Pause>
Me: Will you go to ::insert store:: and buy me ::insert item::?
Husband: No.
(Disclaimer! Once, he did! And even got them right top! Way to go, Husband!)

Does this sound familiar? (Please say yes, so I feel less pathetic.) I hate wearing the same thing, but the reality is that we simply cannot afford a new outfit (or two) for every weekend. What's a girl to do? (And, no, I cannot move closer to home and hope that Mom will feel sorry for me and buy me something.)


Blair from Atlantic- Pacific 

She reuses pieces of clothing, so it always feels like a completely new outfit. I also adore how she isn't afraid to play with prints and colors. I included just a few of my favorites...

Silk Print Blouse

Floral Sundress

My fav, DVF dress

All photos courtesy of Atlantic-Pacific

Go check it out for yourself! (Beware: Give yourself two many hours)

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