Thursday, June 16, 2011

Blake's Look for Less

Yesterday I finished day one of my summer job. It felt very adult. I wonder if it is too early to ask for a company car?

On the plane ride from Miami, I decided to read Bethany's Glamour. The cover girl was Blake Lively, and I LOVE her (despite the fact that she is 23 and is dating THE Leonardo DiCaprio.) Not only is she stunning (pretty sure her legs alone are as tall as me), a Chanel spokesmodel (dreams do come true), but she has a great sense of style.

I loved her entire spread in Glamour, but found this photograph really striking my fancy...

Photo courtesy of Glamour

Now, like I said (here), I can't exactly rock the micro-mini short short, so here is my version of Blake's Look for Less..with a personal flair :)

Blake's Look for Less

To see more from Blake's spread, visit here.
Dorothy Perkins white cardigan
£18 -

Embroidered shorts
$70 -

High heels
£4.99 -

Aldo jewelry
$20 -

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