Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sheridan French Giveaway

As stated previously, I have a slight obsession with Sheridan French. (Oh, you missed it? Read my love fest here.)

I found out about Ms. French during her first giveaway. (And, saddest day ever, I didn't win.) Now, she is doing another giveaway. (Sigh, so generous.) I debated posting about it, because honestly, I am trying to eliminate the competition. However, I will spread the news in support of one of my favorite designers.

Courtesy of Sheridan French

This is the dress I want. It is called the Neve Dress in Bali Blue. Don't you just love it? I feel it could be life-changing.

Oh, so you still want to enter too... Well, go HERE. (If you win, you need to share!)

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