Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Shake Your Fringe Thing

I am proud to say I have survived two days of my class. Unfortunately, I have had to cancel all night time plans due to homework....boooo.

Just because I am in class from 8-4:30 (yep, that's right) doesn't mean that I don't check my news sources: People, E!Online, and US Weekly. (I am so worldly.)

As I scrolled through US Weekly, I found myself looking at photos from the MTV Movie Awards. And then there was Amanda Bynes. I am not a fan of her acting (didn't she "retire"?) nor am I fan of that dress on her, but MAN, I love her shoes!

Photo courtesy of US Weekly

How fun are those? Now I know, they are a bit over the top and taste specific, but fringe is so fun for summer. So go grab some fringe shoes (heels or flats!) and go shake your fringe thing!

MICHAEL Michael Kors strappy sandals
$63 -

High heels
25 GBP -

Dollhouse stiletto heels
$50 -

Victoria's Secret suede boots
$90 -

Not Rated fringe booties
$30 -

High heels
$77 -

Qupid ankle wrap sandals
$30 -

ASOS fringe sandals
$52 -


  1. Lindsey I love you and your blog but im suprised you would share that you shop at shopnastygilr with the world. Yet again you have suprised me!


    PS. I hope no one else is as detail oriented as I am

  2. I am dying! I would be so embarrassed, except for the fact that I know you bought them for Miami!


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