Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Finally! Pictures from Miami! Upon recharging my camera and finding the cord, I realized that most of my pictures look as if they were taken by my dogs (who lack thumbs.) Don't fear, I stole some from my new friend, Hannah's Facebook. Now I present, Sus's Bachelorette Trip.
We started off the day with a trip to Walgreen's and Alvin's Island (duh) where I found the perfect gift for Lucy...

But there were even better purchases....


We then did a boat tour on Thriller (pictures later.) Then dinner and dancing. We were going to take Sus to a dance club. The funny part? We never made it to the club. We thought we were there, but we were actually in the hotel lobby dancing to the D.J. Typical.

Saturday involved some pool time/ beach time/ napping.

Then off to dinner for Saturday night...

(Tippi, Libby, Bethany)

The Bride to Be!

Dinner involved a little table dancing...

Where EVERYONE got involved...
(Tippi, Libby, Mrs. Kimmey, Claudia, Neely)

Here are some more pictures I took from Hannah.

It was so EMBARRASSING that we ended up wearing the same swimsuits to the boat ride...

(Erica, Susannah, Jan, Mollie, Me)

Our chaperones!
(Kate, Claudia, Jan, Mrs. Kimmey, Donna)

The whole gang. Well, most of us.

Our ride...

We love America.


We stayed at The Betsy Hotel, which might be the cutest hotel in South Beach. I loved the hardwoods, intimate pool, rooftop deck, and, most of all, TVs in the mirrors. Ahhhhh. Also, it was only four stories, so it was easy to take the stairs (but there was an elevator!)

Second, a big thank you to Laura. She organized the trip and made it so special for her twin sister. It was fantastic.

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