Thursday, June 23, 2011

Angry Bird...Literally

Courtesy of Give and Date
Scariest. Day. Ever.

I hate birds. No, correction, I hate anything that can fly. I would be in a room of snakes or spiders before a room of winged creatures. I thank my mother for the phobia. 

Yesterday, I was walking the dogs when I heard a chirping that was too close for comfort. I looked down to find a bird, with a broken wing. Aw, that is sad- I thought, and kept walking. I came inside, and continued to hear the bird. My head said- Lindsey, that is an awful, terrible bird that will certainly peck your eyes out. My heart said-

So I decided to embrace all God's creatures and went out with a slice of bread. I mean, there was no way I was going to touch the bird, but I could at least make sure he had dinner. Just as I am tearing and tossing (at a good distance) the bread, and just as I am thinking of ALL the good karma I am going to have, the fallen soldier's bird friend swoops down and steals the bread from me! Right out of my hand!

Last time I help a feathered friend animal. Ever.

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