Thursday, June 2, 2011

Meet Karyn....then listen to my rant, ok?

Sometimes I spend so much time dilly daddling on the computer that it is shameful.

And then I find treasures. A blog that I can't stop reading, a new designer that inspires, or, my favorite, YouTube.

As I clicked, clicked, clicked over the mound of laundry I need to wash...
(Sorry, Mom)
... I met Karyn.

Courtesy of Pretty in the City

My brief summary on the new girl I want to be BFFs with:

Karyn was living in New York, and loving all things New York, especially the shopping. Her love got her into a bit of $20,000 worth of trouble. And then, she lost her job. Broke and determined not to tell her parents, she started a website- She wrote about her struggles with money, and then, she plain out asked strangers for money....and they gave it to her!

Being that Karyn and I are destined to be life long friends, I ordered her book. (After all, friends support each other.) Then, I did what everyone else does when you meet a friend....stalked her. Luckily, she has a hilarious blog. You should visit it here.

Karyn has another book too, and it is being made into a movie. (Want to watch a trailer? Watch it here! Just promoting a friend!)

Then, it got me thinking. The books are about two girls with completely different problems, but isn't it really all the same? We all have problems, difficulties, speed bumps in our lives. Some have money problems, relationship problems, problems with jobs, the way we look, neurotic dogs.


(Or maybe you are thinking- Fantastic! I have had ALL of these problems!)

Sometimes we simply wish that we could just- be better- a better wife, husband, daughter, son, sister, brother, friend, employee, employer. But I like to take comfort in knowing that nobody really "has it made", and everyone has those bleeps in their lives. The important thing is to leave the situation a little stronger, and a little wiser than when you met it.

Thank you for reading my Thursday rant.

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