Thursday, June 30, 2011

4th of July

WHAT!?! Today is the last day of June?!?!?!

(Anybody else screaming this {mentally of course-weirdo} too?)

A friend of mine reminded me that in a little over a month we are going to have pre-planning for school. Depressed.

My pick-me-up is that it is almost 4th of July Weekend, and I am going here...

Image courtesy of Toxaway Weather


Husband and I are joining our dear friends, The Kimmeys, as well as four other friends at the Kimmey's lakehouse on Lake Toxaway.

(Don't worry friends, I have secured a life vest.)

I love the 4th of July.... I mean, it might even beat out Cinco de Mayo as one of my favorite holidays. My favorite things about the 4th? Well....
  • Hotdogs- top five favorite foods
  • Fireworks- I get to show Husband my mad bottle rocket skills/ he is reassured that I actually DID grow up on a farm where fireworks are 100% legal
  • Red Pedicures- How else do you say God Bless America?
  • Lee Greenwood CD- no explanation needed
  • 3Day Weekend- I love my summer job, but extra time off is always a plus
  • New Outfit New Outfit- still working on this one
  • Endless chanting of "USA.USA."

Don't get caught wearing this...

Image courtesy of Chic Stories

Take some of my suggestions. Even sweeter? These entire outfits are under $100! (More money for fireworks)

4th of July

Eyelet dress
$35 -

TopShop striped tank
$36 -

Zara wedge shoes
$30 -

Blowfish shoes
$25 -

Nautical jewelry
$15 -

Old Navy straw fedora hat
$11 -

Heart shaped sunglasses
$14 -

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