Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Love Ya Puc

Photo from Life in Italy

Emilio Pucci is my favorite.

Because I am a teacher who does not have a plethora of money, I focus in on a select few designers. These are the ones that I am willing to eat Ramen Noodles for in order to have a piece. Then, when I still cannot afford them because their pieces make up my entire monthly paycheck, I clip them out of magazines to hang inside my closet and on my fridge. (I have given up on the idea of trying to send pictures and links to Husband- they end up in his spam folder.)

Photo from Fruition

So back to my original thought, Pucci is my favorite. I remember when I first saw a fabric sample in high school and thought- That is me. (And I definately could not afford it in high school since a.) I didn't have a job. and b.) My mother would have laughed so hard at me asking she could have broken a rib.)

I still love it today. Husband gave me this Pucci scarf for V-Day, and I love it! I have been loving what Peter Dundas has been doing with the line as well.

And then I found out about this...

A collection of Pucci's finest. Bound in Pucci fabric. Take a moment to take it in....

Then I found out that there are only 500 signed copies and they come along with a $850 price tag....eek

Looks like I am sticking to cutouts.

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