Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I can't help it...



It really is an addiction I am not proud of. And I know, this T.V. show has absolutely nothing to do with fashion or teaching (besides some of the contestants have been teachers, and some wear really bad outfits), but it is my escape. I, as most of the other women I know, are obsessed as well. 

So, here are my predictions for next week:

He is going to pick Chantal. I know, it's awful. It's not as awful as Vienna, but it's still awful. Brad knows that Emily is way too amazing for him, and he will never be as good as her.

Second, I am seriously worried Husband might leave for Emily. Brad is going to let Emily go, and women all over the world will shake in fear that their boyfriends/husbands/crushes will always compare them to Emily. C'mon people, she's perfect.

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