Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Date Night

A lot of designers and magazines try to give you outfit options to wear from work to a date.

And these outfits are usually awful. Either you look completely inappropriate for working with children or you look like a grandma on a date. (Even though I would like to give a disclaimer that Husband and my grandmothers have excellent style.)

I have several "teacher buds" who have found themselves either a.) in the dating world or b.) wanting their boyfriends and husbands to take them on actual dates. I found this great coral (which is a HOT HOT HOT color for spring) from Topshop. And for once, you can actually take it from work to play :)
TopShop sleeveless dress
$95 -

TopShop fringe top
$92 -

Miss KG green shoes
40 GBP -

ASOS flap handbag
$63 -

Beaded jewelry
$40 -


TopShop short sleeve dress
$95 -

DV by Dolce Vita leopard pumps
$90 -

Dune leopard print handbag
55 GBP -

GS Lillian turquoise jewelry
$54 -

Marc by Marc Jacobs gold earring
$38 -

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