Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kate + Brad = Love

I love Brad Goreski, even though he left Rachel Zoe. (I am glad there are still good friends. I often feel that T.V.'s relationships are my relationships.)  I think his is fun, playful, and has an amazing sense of style. (Short shorts on men, yes please!)

I also love Kate...Spade that is. My first "nice" purse was a Kate Spade bag that my parents (with much begging) bought for me my senior year of high school. And I can't leave out that Sister got me that matching wallet. I still have both! I feel that her designs are classic and timeless. Kate gives me the that "I feel pretty" feeling, without eating my entire paycheck. (Go here to see her amazing turquoise and gold studs and their amazing price tag.)

Well it seems that Brad and Kate have teamed up to form the perfect couple! Not in a romance, but in a fashion sort of way! Brad will be styling Kate Spade's Fall 2011 line. So exciting! Cannot wait to see more!

From New York Fashion Week Fall 2011:

Love these shoes

Gloves with bows? Almost makes me ready for winter to stay...almost

I want everything on this model...


So fresh!
Photos from the Chicago Tribune

And gotta give Brad some love...
Photo from Paper Mag

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