Friday, March 11, 2011

Teach CHEAP!

Hi, my name is Lindsey, and I am addicted to shopping.

Did I also mention that I am a teacher, therefore do not make enough money to support my addiction?

So here is a list of all the stores that offer discounts to teachers and students. If you know any more, please let me know! ENJOY!

Ann Taylor Loft- Reward card system for Teachers
Apple- Up to 20% for Students and Teachers
BOSE- Teacher discount
Club Monoco- 20% off with STUDENT ID
J. Crew- In-store 15% off with Teacher or Student ID or pay stub
NY&Co.- 15% off for Teachers
The Container Store- 15% off for Teachers

And for more, go here.

And, my Friday Deal of the Day. Modcloth's "First Friday Skirt" It's metallic, has zipper pockets, and is $19.99. Say What!?!?!



  1. Teachers deserve WAY more than that off! I love that skirt!

    PS> What was Laura doing up at 6:05?

    Also, 12 followers - say what?!

  2. Hahaha, you know Laura, she hits the ground running. But honestly, I think the time is messed up on my blog. Maybe I should fix that....hmmm


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