Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Valentine's Day 001

Someone asked me about my feelings towards Valentine's Day. I have very mixed feelings. I love being a teacher on Valentine's Day. Even fifth grade students who think you are the lamest person ever 364 days of the year, love you (or pretend to love you) on Valentine's Day. Being a teacher on Valentine's Day rocks.
Valentine's Day 007

Valentine's Day 004

And I have a wonderful Valentine. Husband took me to a surprise dinner at Bistro Niko and gave me a very thoughtful gift. (Pucci is my all time favorite designer)


But then I think about the people who hate Valentine's Day. From the 10 year old boy who has his heart broken because a his "someone special" gave a valentine to someone else to my cynical friends who make fun of the "Greeting Card Holiday" constantly. Even my nephew proclaiming that "Love Stinks!" And it isn't just single people who complain about it. People in relationships worry so much about the plans and the gifts, trying to out-do everyone else. 

So I happy as I was to celebrate, I am also glad it is only once a year. I leave you with Erin Gates, from Elements of Style, views on the day.

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