Monday, March 21, 2011

Spa Day?

Don't you just love when you have a truly great weekend?

My comical weekend really began last Tuesday, my kickball team went to celebrate our victory at a local restaurant. Upon arriving, we were told that it was Customer Appreciation night, and that they were having a raffle for facials. SWEET! I carefully filled out my card with my name, telephone number, and e-mail. Then, at the bottom of the card, I noticed that there were three options for "sharing" the prize: 1.) I would like a facial for one 2.) I would like to bring one friend 3.) I would like to bring more than one friend- Huh? I decided not to ask questions and circled that I wanted to share my facial with more than one friend.

Fast forward to Friday. I received a call from "Ashley" who left the following message:

Hi Lindsey, the is Ashley from Tuesday night. We pulled your name from the fishbowl for the facial! You may receive your facial this Sunday, any time from 2-4. We will be doing a special at the Wingate Hotel on Clairmont. Please call me back to let know how many friends you would like to share your facial with.

I was so excited! I did my whole, "I never win anything....What a great way to end my week," thing, called back Ashley to set everything up, and then called four friends (who were all with me on Tuesday) to plan our Sunday facials!

Sunday arrives. As I was about to leave to pick up my friends, Husband warned me (I don't know- maybe because it was at a hotel where they told me I could share my prize), "This sounds sketchy, don't buy anything." I laughed and reassured him that there would be no purchases and off I went.

It was a bad sign when we arrived at the hotel and parked next to a pink Cadillac with the license plate that read, "MK Divaz." Hmmm.... Ashley was standing at the door waiting.

"Hi! Are you Regan?"

"Um no. I'm Lindsey"

"Great! You brought a lot of friends!"

---nervous laughter---

Ashley lead us into a room. Everyone was seated with name tags. There were no facials. No terry cloth robes. Nothing. It soon registers with me that this was not an impromptu spa, but a MARY KAY COSMETICS PARTY! WHAT? THIS IS THE WORST CUSTOMER APPRECIATION. Ever.

 "Um, I have to go to the bathroom."

 The five of us darted into the bathroom to plot how to get out of this whole sham. We were fearfully laughing that we might have to spend our entire Sunday afternoon explaining how we really are happy with our jobs/make-up products. We had to get out, but Ashley was out there, waiting with her pushy little clipboard. What to do, what to do? Part of me wanted to go out there and tell her how ticked off I was for her completely lying to me and taking my information, but a bigger part of me knew that I just had to get out of there, and the sooner the better.

The rest is a bit of a blur for me. The five of us sprinted like Seabiscuit as fast as we could to a nearby (yet not close enough) emergency exit, hid behind bushes to get back to our cars (oh, because Ashley was looking for us), jumped into the cars and peeled out.

As disappointed as I was that I did not get a facial, I got something even better- a good ole, deep , rib hurting belly laugh :) (Oh, but I am still very bitter towards the restaurant and Mary Kay.)

Sorry, for no pictures of my spa day, but I did have one from Saturday night. This was taken from my friend's, Sangster, apartment. Doesn't he have the best balcony view? Jealous.

iphone pics 0613 154

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  1. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! It would have been hilarious to watch as we turned the corner to the emergency exit and just started sprinting! Thanks for "sharing" your day with us! The laughing was way better than any facial!


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