Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rug Love

What do I need? A new couch (see destruction here.) What do I want? A new rug. What do I lack? Oodles of cash.

Currently, our small townhome is sporting this one...
It was from Ikea, and has done the job. (See here, although, I am 99% sure we only paid $59.99 for it.) Problem? For starters...


I have these two lovies. What do they love to do most? Shed their white and golden hair EVERYWHERE. Did you know that white/golden hair is very visible on dark rugs?

Second problem? It is just not my style. We bought it because it was cheap, and we had a lot of hardwoods to cover. It has served its purpose, and now, I believe, it is time to say, "So Long..."

Now, for my rug love. There are MANY rugs that I adore, but I need one that is either 4x6 or 5x7 and under $100. Contenders?

It is also from Ikea. It is 6'5" x 4'4", which means the dimensions are just right. Like the the price-$19.99.

Again, from Ikea. It is flatwoven, neutral, and BIG- 7'10" x 5'7". Price not as sweet as last one, but still under budget at $89.99.

Too fun to resist. From Urban Outfitters. 5 x7. Under budget-$69.99.

I love a Chevron Rug! This is from Overstock, is nice and big, and is under budget at $79.99. Problem? I have brown and cream zebra print sitting chairs in my den. How I wish this was grey and white!

What do you think? I am still inspired to make my own (see here!), but only with the help of my DIY friend Jessica.


  1. I like the chevron ones too... but that first one ($19!) is too good to pass up!

    Oh, and I think you should take a day off of work and we can give that diy rug thing a try! :)

  2. Yes! Or maybe a late Sunday afternoon. I don't trust myself to make it on my own though...I need the help of the girl who made her own shades!


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