Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Accessorizing a One Shoulder Dress

This weekend, one of my dear sorority sisters is getting married. (More about Kathleen at a later post.)
My problem- What to Wear?
Actually- How to accessorize?
Remember when I did that post on reusing outfits? Well, Husband is making me eat my words- no new dress.
I am planning on wearing a one shoulder dress. I have only worn it one other time, and paired it with tights, sequined booties, and simple earrings. Since I am going with simple, nude strappy sandals, I thought it might be a good idea to have some fun with the jewels.

Which brings me to the question...
Necklace vs. No Necklace?

With Necklace

Olivia Palermo
Without Necklace

Rachel Zoe
With Necklace

Kate Moss
Without Necklace

Lauren Conrad
With Necklace (but a very small one)

Charlize Theron
Without Necklace

What is your vote? Play it safe with classic turquoise earrings or jazz if up with a statement necklace?


  1. NECKLACE NECKLACE NECKLACE!!! that is my vote!

  2. I personally would play up the other jewellery, earrings, rings and bracelets and leave the neckline simple as it is already a statement. xx

  3. I like it without the necklace, simple like Kate Moss! Like Charlotte B said, playing up some large statement earrings or bracelets would be beautiful!


  4. Thank you for finding my blog as through you finding mine I have now found yours. Your logo is so awesome!
    Tech Chic, it's perfect.

  5. so obsessed with one shoulders. thanks for another wonderful post.New outfit post. Lunch in Beverly Hills. Would love if you'd check it out. Thanks love. xoxo

  6. Thanks for all of your advice!!!


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