Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Story of the Pink Pants

Once upon a time, in early December, there was an awkward thirteen year old at a sleepover. The girls were looking through the latest Limited Too catalog, pointing and picking what they were going to buy. Then, the girls saw these...

Image courtesy of eBay

They were pink. They were satin. They were awesome.
And every girl was DYING to own a pair.

They were also $40. This was a lot of money for a girl who had a mother that saw nothing wrong with the $7.99 jeans from Bargain Town that allotted for "room to grow."

My mother did one of the coolest things ever. (Put this one in your parenting book moms.) She recognized that I was a wee bit awkward/desperate to make friends, and under the Christmas Tree that year were the pink, satin pants.

Knowing that now I was going to not only fit in, but probably be voted "Class Favorite" and "Homecoming Representative," I proudly wore my new pink, satin pants to the first day of second semester. It would be hard choosing among all the boys who would now be in love with me, as well as juggling my soon-to-be extremely busy social calendar, but I was ready for the challenge.

I paired my pink, satin pants (yes, I will point out every time that they were indeed not only pink, but satin as well) with a black leather jacket (gah, what a fashionista) and sashayed into homeroom.

Blank stares.

Followed by uncontrollable laughter.

WHAT!?! How were they laughing at me?! They WANTED these pants!!! I had them! LIKE MEEEEEE!!

That day, I determined two things:
  • Middle school girls must be related to Cruella de Vil
  • I would never wear those awful pink, satin pants again (Sorry Mom. In all actuality, I think I wore them once more- to a family reunion. Where people are forced to accept you.)
While I still feel that middle school girls have deadly venom, I am opening my heart back up to pink pants (not satin though.)

Image courtesy of (Dsquared Resort 2012 Collection)

Image courtesy of Atlantic-Pacific

Image courtesy of Daily Crush

Image courtesy of Zara

Image courtesy of Too Much Lovely

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