Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My name is Lindsey, and I have an addiction...

What you ask am I addicted to? Well, that would be all things Kate/Pippa/Entire Middleton family. I feel so guilty when people complain about all the hype over the royal wedding, because I AM THE HYPE!

Where has my addiction landed me? Well....

1.) After my final presentation for grad school on Saturday, I celebrated by putting on PJs and watching the wedding...again.

2.) I have been to Zara multiple times to copy Kate/Pippa's clothes.

3.) I may/may not suggested to Husband that we have a child when Will and Kate do, in hopes of marriage.

4.) I tried to find Pippa's bridesmaid dress in navy for my friend's wedding. Then I researched Spanx due to Pippa "Amazebody" Middleton.

5.) I purchased face cream the size of a thimble for $80 because Kate used it. Oh wait, that wasn't me. That was my other, crazy-obsessed friend, Sus. (Don't worry, she promised to share.)

Do they offer a rehabilitation program for this?


  1. Yes, I bought that moisturizer. The 1.75 oz. bottle was on a 15 day backorder and will take 2 weeks to ship becuase it is coming from Sweden - not kidding! I was going to let you borrow a "spot" (new british lingo I am trying out) for your troubled area, but not now! haha!


  2. That will be lovely my dear....


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